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May 24, 2007
dau Kristina dob Jan '07 4lbs 13 oz severe reflux on zantac, reglan, At 18 wks she is 9 lbs 14.7 oz - Little but a very happy baby!
slow weight gain in GER baby
My daughter was diagnosed within 12 hours after birth with severe reflux. On day three she was put on Zantac and Reglan. She stayed in the ICU for two weeks before coming home with an apnea monitor. She is now 18 weeks. I have 3 issues I would like to get some advice on. 1) slow weight gain 2) three pediatricians with 3 different recommendations for weight gain and 3) concerned with her being on reglan and zantac. Her weight gain is really slow, about 4.3 ounces per week. At 18 weeks, she is at 9 lbs 13 ounces. The doctor wants to see her gaining an ounce a day (thus 7 ounces a week) and recommended adding human milk fortifier. So we starting doing some research. She is on expressed breastmilk and is happy to eat about 18 ounces a day but will refuse more than that. She just doesn't seem hungry. She takes about 7 bottles a day at 85 ml per bottle. She started sleeping 6 hours at night at 3 weeks and at two months, the pediatrician said we could go ahead and let her sleep up to 8 hours at night because we were having such a hard time waking her for a bottle. Thus during the day we feed her every 2 - 3 hours to get as much food in as possible. We tried breastfeeding her but she would fall asleep at each feeding and would not get enough breastmilk. She would take more from a bottle so we have stuck with the pump and bottle. Her primary pediatrician has told us that her weight gain is fine but we could add rice cereal to her bottle if we wanted to. Second pediatrician said no to rice (too much protein; kidney overload) and said we should use human milk fortifier (huge cost at $800 per month). Third pediatrician said no to cereal and human milk fortifier and that we should add powered formula to her ebm. You can imagine my frustration, right? Any other similar experiences out there? Of course, we just want what is best for our daughter. Also, I have been reading through the previous entries and am really getting nervous about her being on reglan so long. All three pediatricians we have consulted have told us that they just let their reflux kids "grow out" of their medications. I want to take her off them as soon as she doesn't need them anymore. Since we brought her home from the hospital, she has rarely spit up. Less than 10 times in 18 weeks. And she hasn't in at least a month now. We think she still has reflux because when we try to increase the amount of breastmilk we give her, it appears that she is trying to swallow down what has come up in her throat. But I am not sure if that is even a sign of reflux. She is a happy baby, NEVER cries anymore (colicky in evenings up to 8 weeks). I want to get her off drugs as soon as safely possible. Any thoughts? Sorry this is so long!
May 31, 2007
Dd (7) w/ SPD (sensory processing disorder), hypotonia, GERD, since birth. Previous PT, OT, Early Intervention, special ed, feeding clinic, feeding therapy from 2-3. Reflux meds since 2. Overcame severe feeding challenges, dysphagia, oral aversions, anxiety disorder. Weaned from reflux meds @ 6 1/2 yrs. A true miracle!! Ds (4) Prevacid 30mg, split am/pm; upcoming endoscopy. Ds (9 mos.), nursing, pureed foods, Zantac 1.2 mL 2x/day.
I can understand wanting to get your baby off drugs as soon as safely possible. I would rather not have to use drugs, as well. But don't feel guilty either if your child needs them for a while. It sounds like they're really helping- especially if your baby is no longer colicky. My four-year-old is still on two meds and my goal this summer is to see if I can wean her down to one. I just try to take it one step at a time. And yes, different doctors have widely varying opinions on how to handle the same concerns. I personally have never started my children on solids until they're at least 6 mos. old- I believe it's better for their digestive system and I think the AAP recommends exclusive breastmilk for the first six months. We had weight gain issues too with our first one, but we didn't start "beefing up" her food til she was diagnosed at 2 years. Hope something here helps.
Aug 14, 2007
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Your daughter sounds a lot like our oldest. She didn't spit up a ton, mostly choked. She was also Failure To Thrive as an infant. I think all of the advice you were given for weight gain will probobly work. My choice (personally) would be to try to add formula to the expressed breastmilk to increase the calories. That is what worked for our oldest. She gained very quickly after that. I would check with them about the ammount of formula to add so you don't risk messing up fluid balance. The rice cereal didn't work with our daughter because it was way too hard on her tummy but some mothers have sucess with it. As far as the $800/mo milk fortifier... umn... I think I would try the other two things first and if they don't work then maybe look into it. I don't know enough about it to let you know if it is THAT much better than your other two options. As far as the meds are concerned I agree... I would want to wean mine off as soon as possible. I think you are very smart to consider that. If your baby starts gaining weight well and is having none of the painful episodes and is not choking or spitting up then I would discuss decreasing her med doses to see what happens. If you decrease the dose and she does well then maybe it is time to discontinue the meds. That is a choice you will have to make with your pedi!! Good luck, let me know if you need anything! -Jen
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