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Feb 14, 2007
Spinal theory & nerve damage = reflux
Hi, I have only recently come across this website and have found the following article from the reading room VERY interesting: I am not sure what type of back/neck/nerve specialist to consult with (regarding my 2.4 yr old son who has GERD - he fell off our high bed onto his head just after he turned 1), and so I am actually trying to get hold of Dan Cardin to see if he would know. I note he has an email address (I think it's an email address) but was wondering if anyone knows if he is contactable via this website. Many thanks
Feb 15, 2007
hi missmuffet, Just read about your son's issues. He is almost the same age as my daughter! Too bad we are thousands of miles apart! What issues has your son had as a result of the fall? Did he have any symptoms of GERD before? As I said in my post, I have a friend who seemed "fine" until he started eating solids then began to vomit and choke and have major GERD symptoms... but his GER was from food allergies. Hope you have some luck as you continue to reseach... When is your next doctor's appt? Let us know how he's doing.
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