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Feb 12, 2007
delayed gastric emptying and blood sugars
My 4 year old has extreme delay in gastric emptying. she dislikes eating, and we have noticed that if she does not eat frequently her behaviour becomes uncontrolled. she appears to have no ability to rein herself in and we suspect that it may be blood sugar related? has any one els had issues with this, any suggestions. We Have a review appointment schedualled in 2 weeks, but she is driving us batty! having some juice seems to help, and she retunrs to her usual easy going self.
Feb 15, 2007
mother of Piper, 3 years old recently re-diagnosed with reflux, Ross 3 years old GER since 4 weeks old, delayed gastric emptying (grown out of) and milk allergy/soy intolerance, Charlotte 2 months old reflux and possible milk allergy
I haven't had any experience with low blood sugars and DGE, but my son also had very significant DGE. Since the food is staying in her stomach longer than normal, this would account for her not wanting to eat. I'm not sure about how this affects her blood sugar. If you find the juice works, then go with it. I just wouldn't give her so much juice that it also works on filling her up and reducing her appetite. Have you looked closely at what she is eating, when she does eat? Is she eating foods that will digest more slowly than others? I know you have an appt scheduled for two weeks, but for your own sanity you may want to call your doctors office and ask one of the nurses if they have any suggestions?
Feb 15, 2007
Don't have any advice but I agree with Lynn you may want to call your doctor sooner.
Aug 15, 2007
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I know that dumping syndrome (the opposite of delayed gastric emptying) can cause drops in blood sugar. As a person who struggles with blood sugars, it seems possible for me that if the stomach isn't emptying into the intestines (where food nutrients are absorbed) and she isn't eating, then it might be likely her blood sugars are off. I would definitely call the doc and let them know. That seems a very big possibility to me, but I'm not a doc... Also, gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying) can be caused by diabetes. Might definitely be worth looking into. Good luck
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