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Dec 15, 2006
I feel like I have no where to turn...
I am new here and so glad I found this site. My son is almost 5 months old and we have been dealing with reflux since the beginning. He has been on 10 formulas and breast milk and we are finally on Neocate, which really is not helping much. We tried Zantac, Prilosec (two different compounding methods), and now he is on Reglan 1ml 3x a day, Prevacid 3.5 2x a day, and polyethelyne glycol (for chronic constipation). Things are not getting better and I feel like they are just upping his meds but not really trying to figure out what the actual problem is. He had an endoscopy (conclusion was esophagitis), colonoscopy (normal), ph Probe ( HOSPITAL LOST RESULTS), Xray on stomach (constipation), Gastric Emptying (normal), Upper GI series (reflux). Currently, when we bottle feed, we need to do 1.5 tbsp oatmeal per 1 oz formula/water for him to keep it down initial. He will still vomit approx 1oz of it within 3 hours. We keep him up elevated pretty much consistently, but definitely at least 20 minutes after bottle feed. He becomes very upset when he vomits, and it looks like it is very uncomfortable for him. Lately, he has shown considerable dis-interest in the bottle during feeding and we fear he is becoming scared of eating since he refluxes so much. He also silent refluxes about 7-8 times after the bottle. I am at a loss at what to do. I just find it strange that he sometimes will not have a bottle for three/four hours and he throws up. I am not sure where to turn or what to do. We are seeing a GI specialist right now, but we have a new DR appointment on Tuesday with another specialist. Anyone have any ideas of what I should ask for him concerning medication? or what tests need to be preformed? Sorry so long, but I just wanted to make sure everyone got the full picture and realized we have tried so much so far :( Thank you again!
Jan 21, 2007
Refusal of food
My son is now 7 months old and was diagnosed with GERD at 3 weeks old. He has been on Reglan, Axid..but now only takes Prevacid. He seemed to be doing OK; but in the last 10 days his disinterest in food has progressively worsened. He turns his head to any bottle and now is doing the same with a spoon or any other method of feeding (syringe, straw, etc) Pediatrician says that reflux causes this sometimes.. What do I do? MD doesn't seemed too concerned as long as he is getting fluids. I now know that it is not a "flu bug or virus" since has developed over 10 days ago. He cries when I try to feed him anything. His ears and throat appeared ok to the MD. Any suggestions and will his appetite or behavior improve soon? By the way he takes Nutramigen with rice.. which he will only take about 4 oz daily now by spoon in the morning because he is starving. He was previously taking 4 8 oz bottles per day in addition to baby food. He only shows some small interest in liquified/pureed baby foods that are Stage 1. Please help
Feb 13, 2007
I feel like I have no where to turn
My second child also vomited 3 -4 hours after feeds. She could cover the dining room table and the vomit came out with such force. This settled after she started solids. She still vomited occasionally but improved with time. At the time it was happening, I didnt know what to do. should I re feed her after she throws up, or wait. It sounds as if you have had all the relevant tests. We found treating the constipation really assisted the reflux and stopped the nightly screaming 1 - 4hours. I do hope tings settle for you with time.
Feb 15, 2007
mother of Piper, 3 years old recently re-diagnosed with reflux, Ross 3 years old GER since 4 weeks old, delayed gastric emptying (grown out of) and milk allergy/soy intolerance, Charlotte 2 months old reflux and possible milk allergy
I feel like I have no where to turn
It sounds like you have had many of the standard GI tests and are trying everything you can think of! Have you tried testing for a food allergy in addition to the reflux? Chronic constipation can be a sign of a food allergy. I never knew this until my son's GI told us and suggested the testing. After we took him off of dairy completely the constipation went away and it help relieve A LOT of his irritability. Just a thought!
Aug 11, 2007
I'm so sorry that this is happening to you! :( We took our daughter to the urgent care pediatrics last night because she also was refusing her bottle. She would take apple juice with water, but was pushing away her formula bottle, and in addition was spitting up and crying inconsolably. The doctor suspected it may be related to teething, and to give her Pedialyte. She's taking the formula again, but it's a LOT less than it was (she'd been up to 6oz, but now she's back to about 2) and she's really cranky. I feel so silly for wasting the doctor's time, but considering how bad the reflux can get if you're not constantly on top of it...I can't bear to think of how much pain it causes the baby. She's currently on Prevacid 15mg a day, and .8 of erythromycin 3x a day. We found that thickening her formula with rice was causing a lot of gas and constipation, so we use organic oatmeal. What I found out from another board is that if the baby has a lot of gas/abdominal pain/constipation, it can be caused by the cornstarch used in powered formulas and even in some cereals! We took Vivi off the rice and began using an organic oatmeal, and it really did help with the gas. Since we stopped giving her the rice, she's been a totally different baby-no more constipation, less gas, and a lot happier. We also use either Nutramigen or Alimentum, and I have found that if you use the ready-to-use, it causes less gas/constipation/abdominal pain. It costs SO much more, which is a real drawback. :( I don't know about you all, but when stuff like this happens, I feel really bad about not being able to breastfeed.
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