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Oct 16, 2006
My son is 6 (years old). his doctors recomend Nissen fundo... I■m very scare and I■m not so sure that it■s the best option... He■s been treated with esomeprazole (nexium) for one year and last week we make him an endoscophy (he has mild esophagitys) and a PH (he has severe reflux) and he is also being treated for cronic cough.... I■would aprecciate any information, It■s very difficult for me to contact anyone with a child with nisssen fundo. (Sorry for my english and spelling mistakes... I■m from Argentina)
Oct 17, 2006
Hi. I dnt know what to tell about Nissen for I have never used this one before. I have been giving my son Prevacid as treatment. I dnt know how it may help you, but all the same you can read this little information on Prevacid-[url][/url]
Oct 17, 2006
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Dear Alajandra, I know it is such a big worry to be told that your child needs surgery. My daughter had the same surgery when she was 6 years old and I was not very comfortable with the idea at first. I kept hoping that the medication would work and she would get better. It just didn't happen. She was receiving wonderful medical care but she was still in pain when she ate and was aspirating (food and acid were going into her lungs). We just had to try something else. The surgery was very successful and she is now a healthy 12 year old girl. I must say that it was very difficult at first. the recovery did take some time and she had to eat pureed food and eat very slowly at first. There is an excellent article about surgery in the Reading Room Section of this website. Go to Reading Room and go down the long list of articles until you see the one about surgery, almost at the bottom. Let me know if you have any other questions. My email address is Best wishes, Jan Gambino PAGER Assn Associate Director
Oct 17, 2006
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Hi Alajandra, Making the decision to have a Nissen done is never easy. It is important to try to weight the pros and cons regarding the surgery. It can work extremely well (like Jan's daughter) or kids can have a lot of problems post fundo (like my son). I think its important to be sure that things are bad enough right now to be willing to trade his current problems for another set of possible complications due to the surgery. Some kids have problems with retching/gagging, dysmotility, and/or dumping syndrome. Sometimes the problems are temporary and other times they seem to be permanent. I hope that whatever you decide, that your son does well.
Oct 24, 2006
I want to thank all of you so much for your answers... they help me a lot.... I didn■t make my final desition about the surgery.... (although the doctors thinks it■s necessary) i■m waiting the opinion of my son neumonologist.... Again... I want u to know how much you all help me!!!!!
Dec 01, 2007
Excuse me if I haven't followed your story close enough, but have you tried elimination diets? For the last year, I thought my son was tolerating some dairy, and he had awful reflux even on the Nexium until I finally removed all traces of dairy and soy, and now he is symptom free on the nexium. Debbie
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