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Oct 08, 2006
11 year-old son with Reflux and Asthma
Any info about reflux, asthma & allergies?
My son who's 11 has been having alot of problems with what we thought was his asthma. It turns out it has been his reflux. He also seemed to be having alot of allergy symptoms so we just had him tested and found that he is allergic to weed, grass, dust mite and cats. He's been missing alot of school and I would love to here from someone who has had similiar problems. We just changed to a new Pediatric GI and Allergist hoping to get this all figured out.
Oct 11, 2006
PAGER volunteer
reflux mom to Ali
4-3-97 and non-refluxer Tressa 10-9-01
Co-director, Jan Gambino recently wrote an article on this topic for Asthma and Allergy Today Magazine. Here's a link to read the article
Oct 06, 2011
What are the benefits of children with reflux and allergies going to an Allergist? Is the only remedy allergy shots?
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