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Sep 23, 2006
8 yr old with severe Gerds
Hello, We are new to this forum. We have 3 children with special needs all on the Autism Specrum. Our Daughter the youngest has been having a great amount of difficult with GERDs. She was on Previcid two times a day which didn't help. They have changed to Xantac since our insurance wouldn't let it be refilled that quickly. Also, maybe to try something else since the other medication was not working. We just got the allergy testing back and she is allergic to eggs. We have also gone of milk. We also found our other children also have milk and egg allergies. We have limited the juice. She has nausea usually in the mornings but many times also in the evenings or afternoons too. At times she has vomiting but rarily. She also complains of chest pain. Any ideas? Thanks DJ
Oct 17, 2006
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Message for DJ
Dear DJ, It sounds like you really have your hands full. I wonder if the medication is not working because some foods are causing discomfort. I have read that many children with autism have difficulty tolerating gluten. Perhaps there is more info on a autism site? I know some parents work with the doctor to go on an elimination diet. This can be a good way to isolate foods that might be causing a reaction. To complicate matters, children with sensory issues (common in children with autism) may have hypo or hyper sensitivity to pain and sensation. Food may taste strange or feel strange. It may have nothing to do with allergies or intolerances. Does you child communicate pain/discomfort or do you need to look at clues? Sometimes non verbal children will show pain by lashing out, crying, kicking or screaming. Others will have difficulty going to sleep or staying asleep. I wonder if it is possible to see a developmental pediatrician or see a feeding team to look at developmental and sensory issues as well as the digestive issues. It is so hard to sort it all out.Jan
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