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Jul 25, 2006
Mesh encroament in Esophagus, severe Esophageal erosions inspite of patent Fundo
Hi, My 12 y.o. (CP etc) had a Nissan done at age 2. Worked great. At age 3 he had a hiatal hernia repair, worked great too. Now at 12 we noticed difficulty with his swallowing. Endoscopy showed a lump of teflon mesh that migrated into the esophagus (from the hernia repair) was removed laporoscopically in Dec. The surgery went reasonably well but postop complications where very difficult. Massive aspiration from bleeding in the esphagus compromised his lungs. On discharge we still had gastric/esophageal bleeding (1 month later) that has not resolved (now 6 month ago). the theory was that the mesh clump had prevented GERD and now did no longer. A new endoscopy showed the wrap intact, severe erosions in the esophagus and poor motility. Aptmt with surgeon tomorrow what to do?? Gastric resection? Roux-en-y JJ (has GJ now). Wait and see?? Medications are maxed out- (Carafate, prilosec, Reglan) Dysphagia is huge problem, so are erosions (pain and bleeding, by now he is very anemic) Thanks for any thoughts. Anybody had a gastric bypass, dissection?
Jul 25, 2006
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To Ella's mom
Dear Ella's Mom, Ouch. I am winching with pain just reading your message. It must be so painful for your son to have such a sore esophagus. I don't have any specific ideas. However, I would get the best gi dr and surgeon I could find. This is really complex stuff and you want to get it right the first time...whatever you decide to do. My understanding is that drs try to control the erosions with meds. not sure why he is so irritated even with gj feeds and meds. That would seem pretty healing and protective for the esophagus. Is it possible to see what the surgeon's recommendation is and perhaps get a second opinion too? I wonder if he is receiving therapy/ treatment for the swallowing issues. Does he eat anything by mouth at this point? I would be happy to chat with you some more. You can leave a message at 301-601-9541 or use my direct email Jan
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