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Jul 19, 2006
which tests for reflux??
Hello, I am writing about my 2 year old son who was treated for reflux with Prevacid as an infant but was doing very well at 18 months and we stopped the Prevacid. We returned to our pediatric gastro. dr. last week because we believe that the reflux has returned, and based on the symptoms we described, the dr. agrees. He would like to do an endoscopy asap to confirm this and any damage. HOWEVER, for the last year he has had very bad asthma (that occurs whenever he has a cold, which is every 8 weeks) which has gotten so bad that we were referred to a pulmo. dr. who we saw yesterday. She called his asthma uncontrolled and severe and also believes that reflux could be a large factor in his respiratory health. But, she is recommending an upper GI this week and IF it is positive, that's it. No other tests besides the bronchoscopy that he is scheduled for next week. If the upper GI is negative, then she would like to place a ph probe in when she does the bronchoscopy next week. My MAJOR delimna is that the Gastro. dr. wants an endoscopy and does not believe my son needs to have an upper GI or ph probe. The pulmo wants to do the upper GI and only if it's negative will she do a ph probe. And she does not want to do an endoscopy because she says that it doesn't show reflux, like the upper GI or ph probe. So basically if his upper GI is negative the only test the pulmo. will do for his reflux will be an upper GI. And his gastro dr. will not be happy with that. We have two options. Do the upper GI and see if it is positive. If it is, the pulmo won't want anymore tests done besides the bronschoscopy so we could still get the endoscopy done. Or if the upper GI is negative we could do the ph probe only and not do the endoscopy at all. Or I guess we could do all three? He is on no meds for reflux right now. The other problem is that the two dr.'s are not associated with the same hospital so they aren't communicating. In fact, I am only communicating with their respective nurses at this point. We are so very confused... Any advice is appreciated! Thank you so much!! Sarah mom to Ben age 2
Jul 23, 2006
beth anderson
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Testing video will answer your questions
Dear Ben's mom, several years ago, Dr. Benny Kerzner did a lecture for us that is available on tape. The lecture focused on what each test can show and what each test can't show. How to use the logic to figure out which one is best if any. For instance, my kid puked and screamed incessantly, so a test to prove she had reflux was pretty much a waste of time. Documenting the damage was not a waste of time because it told us whether we needed to try more/new/better treatments. The video is available for a donation to PAGER. We suggest $25. If you want to send an e-mail, we can get your tape in the mail now and assume your check will arrive soon.
Jul 24, 2006
jan gambino burns
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To Ben's mom
Dear Ben's mom, I wonder if the gi dr and the pulmonologist could talk and figure out a plan together. It sounds like you are trying to coordinate for with both of them. That is a lot of testing and often some or all of it can be done at the same time. Ben isn't going to be too thrilled with any of the tests so you want to combine tests and procedures if possible. For instance, a bronch or a endoscopy can be done with a probe. a bronch and an endoscopy can be done together. This is all assuming the drs are at the same hospital and can schedule, etc. THis is also assuming he needs all of this testing. Call me if you want to talk some more. 301-601-9541 or Just say you are Ben's mom and I will know who you are. Jan (Rebecca's mom...wrote an article about her asthma and reflux. It is on the website)
Jul 24, 2006
thank you
Thank you so much for both of your responses. Yes, I would really like the video tape and would be glad to donate $25 toward the costs of maintaining such a great site. I put in a call to Jan through the hotline, so hopefully I can figure some things out with her help. He had a negative upper GI this past Friday so he will be getting a bronchoscopy and ph probe (inserted while he is still under from the bronchoscopy) this Friday. So those two procedures will be combined. The endoscopy is scheduled through our pediatric gastro. dr. who is through a different hospital than the rest of his tests. I asked their respective nurses if they would talk with each other about the different approach each one has of testing for Ben's reflux, but both of them felt that their test was the one that should be done, not the other dr.'s test. Petty. Anyway, I look foward to hearing from someone and I will send an e-mail about the video. Thank you again! Sarah
Aug 29, 2006
Mom of Lilith, age 4 and William, 3 months
my daughter is 3 and in the same spot as your son. We are one flovent, zyrtec and singulair for the severe asthma. We took reglan and prevacid til last week when we had the endoscopy and ph probe done. The Ped Gi told us that she could go off of it because she started having seizure like episodes. I understand your frustration with the doctors. I had one tell me 2 weeks ago that reglan wouldnt cause seizures and that it was just me being a bad mother (not discipling enough and not rewarding good behavior). I was upset at that point cause giving a 3 year old that much medication requires quite a bit of bribing. we are waiting on the results. Until last week i had never met any other families dealing with this problem. Most of my family just thought i was being over cautious til the doctor diagnosed her at 8 months. I tell you what though I dont miss the months we slept sitting up just so the screaming would stop. Hang in there. If anyone gives you trouble just remind them that this is YOUR baby and you want answers! :)
Sep 24, 2006
bobbys mommie
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I know this is an old post and I hope that you are still checking it...I don't know where you live the Cincinnati Ohio area there is a children's hospital. They have a clinic called the aerodigestive center where they treat kids that have the very situation you describe with your son. Many that are in fact worse off with trachs and the like. But the idea is that pulmonary and gastro MD's consult with one another. Part of the initial work up on these kids is a morning in surgery where a flex bronchoscopy, upper gi and ph probe is placed/done. They stay overnight in the hospital because of the ph probe. The idea is that all of these sx go hand in hand and aggrevate the other. I don't know of another center of it's kind anywhere. Kids come from all over the US for it. Maybe worth checking out. The number for the general gastro clinic is 513-636-4415. That number should get you started if your interested. ( I don't normally post here but if you have questions you can e-mail me at
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