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Apr 01, 2006
Julie and Amelie
Song set to poem "Welcome to Holland"
Hello all - I have a 3 year old many issues, among them GERD. I am trying to locate the composer and song title based on the poem by Emily Perl Kingsley "Welcome to Holland". Can anyone help?
Oct 08, 2006
Welcome to Holland
I was just doing some research on this and I found that there are a few. I only know of mine of course but you can listen to my take on it at my website. I'd love any input on the song as well as links to any other songs on this. Just yesterday this song won an honorable mention in the Dallas Songwriters annual songwriter's contest. I had not read the poem but our friend with a child who has downs explained the story and I thought it would make a great story put to melody.
Oct 10, 2006
Julie and Amelie
Can't get into your website
Will, I can't get into your it down? Thanks, Julie
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