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Mar 26, 2006
3 year old with GERD and, newly diagnosed, 6 year old with reflux
My daughter has been getting terrible hicups that cause her to scream in pain. She was diagnosed as an infant with GERD but they have taken her off her meds. The last time I called they told me the hiccups were unrelated. Should I press further?
Apr 04, 2006
Three of my kids have hiccups with reflux. Any thing can start the process....laughing, coughing, eating, jumping.... They are older kids and can fully voice how it effects them. They say it does cause pain and food to come up the back of their throat. If your daughter has other signs of reflx you may want to press the issue with your dr or ask to see a G.I. dr. My first pediatrician did not believe reflux was related to hiccups because she claimed everyone kids will tell you different. Good luck and follow your insticts for your child.
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