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Mar 25, 2006
delissa's mom
Afraid To Eat
My daughter wakes up with tears in her eyes each morning in the last 7-10 days saying she is hoping it will be a good day... When I ask her why is she concerned she is telling me she does not think she will be able to eat breakfast. Other times she starts crying when hears the sounds of microwave or fridge and knows meal time is coming. She is afraid to eat. Last evening she vomited 2 times, and this morning she could not eat, slowly drank a glass of milk and that came right back minutes later. She has little lunch and very little dinner. At bedtime, 2 hs after dinner she started crying thinking she would vomit. It went away though and now is sleeping... I am terrified that a new day starts after this night. I don't know how to help my child.
Mar 27, 2006
henrys mom
Amy-mom to Henry 3/1/05 silent refluxer MSPI --- Lucy-8/23/06
This is definitely an advanced topic! It sounds like an aweful situation. My heart goes out to you:( Did you post this on the general/beginners board? You'd get much better response there. Even though this is a more advanced topic, we tend to look at the other board more often. It really looks like you need help. Good luck!
Apr 04, 2006
unable to eat
Have you looked into other issues in additon to reflux? Has your child been tested for celiac? Some celiacs will vomit right after or during eating. Best of luck to you and your child.
Apr 05, 2006
delissa's mom
Yes, she was tested for Celiac and is negative. The last thing I heard 2 days ago is that she could have cyclic vomiting syndrome, and this was not a phisian, it was the team at the feeding clinic who assesed her. But we will have to wait for 2 months before we see the only CVS specialist in the metroplex.
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