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Feb 26, 2006
sandifer's syndrome
my 13 week old daughter has been doing the gerd thing for about 1.5 months and recently had the barium swallow to confirm 'mod. gerd'. i stumbled on a forum on sandifer's syndrome that described her symptoms nearly exactly, this after numerous professionals and lactation people couldn;t help her turning her head away from the breast (and bottle sometimes) over and over. this was NOT the pulling back and arching she did before she was first medicated. she's now on 5 mg of prilosec as our pedi is reluctant to go higher cause 'that's what it should be with her weight' we have a pedi gi app't in two weeks at a great children's hospital. anyone else know or dealt with sandifer's???? please help.
Mar 23, 2006
my son had sandifer's. he was diagnosed at about 5 months. we just dealt with it. it went away by the time he was 3.
Mar 25, 2006
duskee: how was your son diagnosed? did he do the head turning thing? was his reflux severe or just moderate? no one is believing in my diagnosis but breast feeding continues to be nearly impossible...did you breastfeeed your son? thanks, rubysmom
Apr 17, 2006
beth anderson
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Tempory Sandifur' Syndrom
When my son was 16, he had a temporary issue with his neck jerking violently when he tasted anything sour. When he had reflux or when he sucked a sour candy, it was like somebody punched him in the jaw and made his head spin half way around. He said it was uncomfortable but not really painful as long as it didn't last long. It left him with a mild pain like you get after a charlie horse cramp in your calf. ...... PS, there are two common spellings of the work when you go to look it up. I think Sandifur is the real name of the doctor who coined the term but the most common spelling seems to have changed to Sandifer.
Jul 15, 2008
My son appeared to be having seizures at about 2months of age. His entire body would tighten head back, he would be unresponsive to us. After 2 episodes that happened back to back we went to the ER where they transferrred us to Childrens. There they did a SLEW of tests and ended up with the working diagnosis of Sandifer's.
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