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Jul 25, 1999
Leaky feeding tube after fundoplication
My adoptive son (who was positive for drugs and alcohol at birth) stopped eating at 2 months of age. He has had a g-tube and a Nissen fundoplication performed. His tube has been leaking for six months now and we're all at the end of our ropes. The doctors have tried everything and now I think we're going to have to have another surgery done to redo the tube site. I don't want to put him through another surgery if possible because he's not very strong. Does anyone have any ideas about a leaky tube?
Sep 02, 1999
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G-tube organizations
Parents needing G-tube assistance should consider contacting these organizations. They have more detailed information than we have. The Oley Fundation Albany, NY 800-776-OLEY (518) 262-5079 ASPEN (Association of Perenteral and Enteral Nutrition) Silver Spring, MD 800-727-4567 (301) 587-6315 Beth Anderson
Jan 10, 2000
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My child is getting a g-tube soon
The mother of a 16 month old wants to contact other parents with g- tube experience. Her son has had an NG tube for quite some time. He allows food in his mouth but has become increasingly fearful of swallowing. How long will it take him to heal from this new surgery? Do the tubes interfere with physical therapy? What about buttons - the nurse clearly doesn't like them.
Aug 27, 2001
I just found this website and was very surprised that there isn't more information out there about feeding tubes and other medical problems. My son of two years has a feeding tube, a mickey button and without it he wouldn't be here. He bottled for about two months, all the while struggling with severe reflux and aspiration. The doctors did the nissan as well to try to prevent anymore damage being done. He also has a trachestomy tube and is on continuous oxygen. He is truly a miracle in my book. His younger sibling also has the same problems and he will go in for his nissan and feeding tube in a couple of weeks. I am enjoying feeding him for now, as I know that soon that will end. I struggle daily to get through these hard times. My children have taught me alot, they have made me look at the simple things in life for they are the things that really matter. My two year old has never tasted ice cream or ran through a sprinkler in the hot summer days for he can't do those things. Instead he signs to his nurses when they hang up his feeding bag, for he knows that it is time to eat. And in the morning, when the nurse brings a basin to his crib, he knows that is his "bath" and if he is lucky they will let him put his feet in the basin for a minute or two. I guess my thoughts are this...Don't let the little things pass you by, take note of them. And if we don't see the good in them, chances are our children will find them and point them out to us. My son makes the most of his situation and to him, he thinks his life is pretty good. For he can't miss the things he has never had. I have learned to care for him, with the help of good nurses and doctors, a wonderful husband, and most of all to the Good Lord up above. Sure, the feeding tube was hard at first, but now I know what to expect with my other baby. I never thought I would be caring for two children with medical problems, but I guess that God never said that I wouldn't be either. People are under the assumption that God owes them, but does He reall y? Everyday, every breath is a gift and we have to be thankful for that and cherish it. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts. Shelby
Aug 23, 2002
g tube
they heal quick but the temp tube sucks once the get there button the only problem is a little leaking just check water reg
Jan 28, 2002
advanced gerd
dose he have a button check water level in ballon it probably is time to change it you should do so every 3 to 6 months
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