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Nov 17, 2001
Glen Simpson
Hi Everybody! I'm Glen
Hi everybody. I'm willing to help out. I am happy to address any questions from older children or their parents. Here is my contact information: Glen Simpson contact: I check my e-mail usually every day. Training: The only training I have had is living with the disorder. It has trained me well. Experiences: Well, I am currently 16 and I have had GERD since I was 14. I go to the doctors and I have has one long road to getting well and the road still hasn't come to an end. I have been through several doctors and still have effects of my GERD every day. I'm willing to share my story and can usually answer most questions. If not, I ahve a web site with a message board that with your permission I would post your questions for my viewers to see. I hope I can be of some assistance because GERD is a TERRIBLE disease!
Nov 17, 2001
Susan Gunther
Message for Glen
Hi Glen, I'm Susan, the mom of a 2 year old son who has reflux. I just wanted to say that I think it is absolutely wonderful that you are willing to help out and answer questions. Most of the time, teens are way to busy with their life to be a role model for others. Hopefully this will open up the door to children and teens who have GERD and might have been afraid to come forward. You are definitely an inspiration to everyone living with GERD!!! Keep up the great work!! - Susan Gunther
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