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Nov 17, 2001
Beth Anderson
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Bizarre Reactions to pain/stress/fear/exhaustion
After talking with several mothers about some strange symptoms, it seemed best to get these posted so you can all start comparing notes. These kids probably have some other medical condition on top of their reflux. Some of the kids still have yet to put a name with the added illness. Please tell us what these odd reactions look like, the various theories you have explored and whether you have had any success.
Nov 20, 2001
Jan Gambino Burns
Jan Gambino, M.Ed
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Fainting Spells, Low Blood Sugar and more...
Hello! This is such a great idea! This discussion could be called: symptoms your doctor cannot explain, doesn't think is related to reflux anyway,and the symptoms are probably just the result of a vivid imagination and anxiety... Here is my list: 1. Fainting or near loss of consciousness: When Rebecca was a baby, she would often begin to cry (from a shot, sudden wack on the head, etc) and then stop. Her face would register pain, she would sweat, breath heavily, get blue around her lips, get limp. When she was older, she would do the same thing. However, the symptoms could last from minutes to hours. Once I had her evaluated for a concussion after a slight bump on the head because she was still lethargic and nauseous 2 hours after the bump. Her blood pressure was low after the event. She would also get lethargic and nauseous after dental work. it would take her hours to return to normal activity. Explanations: Asthma-poor breathing, toddler breath holding, adrenal suppression-low cortisol level, low blood sugar due to borderline dehydration/poor nutrition from failure to thrive. 2 Low Blood Sugar, dehydration: Rebecca is an easy target for the stomach flu. She often has nausea/vomiting at the onset of any illness. She immediately gets very lethargic and dehydrated, requiring continuous drip via g-tube or iv fluids. Explanations: low cortisol level, borderline dehydration/poor nutrition from failure to thrive. 3. Cyanosis: when rebecca was a baby, she often got dusky or blue around her lips. Sometimes it would take a few minutes to resolve. Sometimes she would pull away from the nipple, coughing and gagging, turning blue and every color in between. Explanation: Asthma, mucous plug, acid irritation to her throat Jan
Nov 23, 2001
Sandra Ringelstein
Bizarre Symptoms
Recently I was in the grocery store with my 10 month old. He had been ill all week, we couldn't figure out what was wrong. I was checking out and my son started crying, unusal for him but he was sick. He cried so bad I had to pick him up. Then his head fell back and his face started to look blue, especially around his brows and mouth. His breathing was shallow and his eyes were partially closed. Everyone thought he was choking. I almost thought we would have to call the ambulance, but he seemed to come out of it in a minute or so. The doctor does not know what caused him to do that. I know what I saw but I can't help feeling like a hypocondriac sometimes.
Jan 28, 2002
advanced gerd
he has refluxe thats exactly what my son did give him some simethicone drops.
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