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Dec 28, 2001
Hi. My name is Chelle and my son is Eliah (GERD, FTT, developmental delay, oral aversion). I just recently found out about PAGER. He currently has an NG tube (just switched over from NJ to NG last week). He was first dx'd with reflux at a year old (although he had trouble for some time before that...just took them a while to figure it out) and got the feeding tube on 25-7-01. We will be moving forward with a g-tube and possibly Nissen wrap/fundo soon. Right now the doctor is trying to determine his need for the fundo. He takes chloral hydrate to sleep at night, sleeps on a wedge, and has been on various meds for his reflux. He is 19 mos old. I couldn't figure out quite how to post to the "about us" page, so I decided to say hello here.
Dec 28, 2001
Susan Gunther
Message for Chelle and Eliah
Hi Chelle and Eliah. I'm Susan Gunther, a volunteer for the PAGER website and part of Beth Anderson's "Team Reflux". My son Andrew who is now almost 2 1/2 is a silent refluxer. He has had GERD since 6 days old. He isn't considered an advanced case of GER, but nonetheless, has reflux also. I, like many of the volunteers, are here to help you as best we can. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to post to this board. As a volunteer, helping others and offering encouragement is what I and many of the other volunteers do best. It definitely sounds as if Eliah has been through too much already and he's only under the age of 2. How have you been coping with all that your son is going through? Don't feel you are alone. As mothers of GERD we have all had very rough times with our children, and we cope with what happens with them in our own unique way. I have found that many moms who are coping with their child's reflux are also suffering from depression. I am no exception. I have felt helpless and depressed on more than one occasion and only wished that I could take away the pain my son suffers from this horrible disease. Since I cannot do that, I do my best to stay strong for him. Again, we are here for you, as I've found the best medicine to help me cope with my son's reflux is a support system. I have found that in my Mentor's website. I don't know what I would have done without Beth Anderson and her founding this organization years ago. Again, I am here for you, as is many other of the volunteers who read and post to this board. - Susan Gunther email: Son: Andrew-silent refluxer born on 7/23/99.
Jan 06, 2002
Sandra Ringelstein
Message for Chelle and Eliah
Hi Chelle, My name is Sandra Ringelstein and I am somewhat new to this baord and enjoy taking time to correspond with other parents of children with GERD. I do not have much of a support system in my area. I know you will find this site useful to get the answers from people who have been through similar experiences. I can sympathize with your situation. Just as Susan said, don't forget to take care of yourself! You need to be strong for your little one. My husband and I have been a great tag team from day one. When I can't take it anymore he takes over, and I do the same with him. Good luck with the treatments perscribed for your child. I would go through some of the old posts and I am sure you can find information on both of the procedures perscribed. Welcome to the board.
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