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Jan 08, 2002
silent gerd, respiratory infections, tipping baby
My son now 15mnths was diagnosed with severe gerd and esophageal dysmotility at 3 weeks of age - he never threw up, nor did he lose weight, he did however suffer from apnea, bradycardia, blue spells,respiratory infections and bizarre seizures,head tipping and back arching. He had a fundo and g-tube placement at 6 weeks of age, this did stop the apnea and bradycardia but he still continued to suffer from lower respiratory infections (pneumonia's and brochilitos and brochitis),then decided at 4 mnths of age that he needed a dialation of the pyloric value due to delayed gastric emptying, this stopped the infections for a while but they returned, he was slated for another dialation due to delayed gastric emptying but chicken pox stopped that - i'm not sure that we will have this done, does anyone have experience with delayed gastric emptying causes respiratory infections and having to have it opened up more than once. How will i know when it is gone - the ped gi said it is a disease does this mean he will have it forever, what kind of effect on the stomach will having the fundo at such a young age have latter on?? Sorry new here and have so many questions, it is easy to relate to alot of the topics such as respiratory, tipping and silent gerd. Thanks.... HIX
Feb 07, 2002
mom of reflux seizure sufferer
message to HIX about "weird seizures"
HIX, My name is Robyn and my 14 month old suffers from these weird seizures also. They are caused from the acid getting up into the babies esophagus and voice box. And the way the babies body reacts to the pain is to close of the air way and to shake, which is when the wierd episodes(as i call them) occur. I hope this has been some help to you. email me if you need to talk more or have more RW
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