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Jan 22, 2002
Chelle (Eliah's mom)
Eliah's surgery date
Eliah will be having g-tube only surgery on the 12th of Feb. The doctor has decided to hold off on the nissen surgery until a later date per dad's request. She feels that there is a chance he will do alright without it as he is starting to gain a little weight and length. She is *hoping* that it will resolve in time. She also told us that if he didn't tolerate the g-tube feeds well, that we may go to a g-j tube for a time instead before moving forward with the nissen. At least we will be able to see what his little face looks like without tape. His eating has declined terribly. Every once in a rare while he will put a tiny amount of something in his mouth, but has mostly backed off to nursing again. At least he is doing that. He seems to nurse more frequently...I really believe that this is due to more reflux episodes and trying to rinse it away...which only seems to make it happen more often. Don't you just "love" those vicious cycles?? Chelle
Jan 24, 2002
Michelle Kennedy
Chelle: I just read your message posts and my heart goes out to you and Eliah. It just breaks my heart that any child suffers from reflux. I can't even begin to imagine 171 reflux episodes per day!!! Your child is very special and so are you for hanging in there through all of this difficulty. Eliah is a warrior and will be prepared for ANYTHING after getting through this (and so will his mother and father)! I am always inspired by families who deal with the pain of reflux and still manage to keep a positive outlook, a sense of humor, and an open heart for others who are suffering. Reading the messages on the PAGER discussion board and talking with other families who have dealt with this condition helps me to deal with my emotions, Evan's reflux and his other medical challenges with a renewed spirit. Chelle, I hope you know there are many of us out here thinking about you, and we are sending positive energy to Eliah and your whole family. Take care, and please keep us posted about how Eliah is doing.
Jan 24, 2002
to Michelle Kennedy
Thank you so much. I really appreciate all the support that we've gotten through this group. We have also been a part of a preemie group for the greater part of a year. I don't know where we would be without all of the support and caring that we've found through both of these. Could you tell me more about your Evan? Or do you have a family page? I have oftened wondered how a wee one could be so sick with GERD and have it go unnoticed for so long as in Eliah's case. Do you know what I mean? I hate to think of the pain that he felt before the probe and medication.
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