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Jul 21, 2002
Biopsy results
My daughter age 38 months had an endoscopy and biopsy this past week. She has esophagitis. The doctor called yesterday and left a message on our answering machine. He is leaving town for two weeks and unable to look at the biopsy himself. He would like to look at it when he returns prior to talking to us. He said that the pathologist said there was not severe inflammation but again wanted to look at it himself. Are there official levels or grades of inflammation? Has anybody had experience with biopsy results that could offer information? Do certain levels of inflammation indicate a frequency of scoping the patient with GERD? I am pretty worried about my daughter's condition. My brother has Barrett's and I want to do everything possible to help her avoid the same condition.
Jul 21, 2002
My daughter Shannon has been scoped a couple of times - the first one to place her g-tube, and the second for diagnostic purposes. That's when her biopsy was done - it showed chronic nonspecific esophagitis. The chronic part isn't good, but I believe it's better to have "nonspecific" than, for instance, "ulcerative," which would mean the esophagus is so severely damaged that the acid has eaten holes through. My husband also has severe GERD, and is scoped routinely to check on it. I believe the most important thing you can do is get the right meds in place to neutralize the acid so it can't cause further damage. Susan Mom to Bryan (anorexia, feeding aversion, moderate fine motor delays, intermittent disfluency, RAD), Bonnie (ASD, pica, RAD), and Shannon (GERD, g-tube, food refuser, Type I Arnold chiari malformation (decompressed 2/02) with syrinx, infantile scoliosis, esophageal cyst, ovarian cyst, growth hormone therapy (SGA), kidney stones, strabismus, chronic nonspecific esophagitis, mild fine motor and speech delays, RAD), 8/6/98, 28 weeks
Jul 21, 2002
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Endo Info
Heather, It is so unfortunate that your doctor is going on vacation...Can't he take a nice winter vacation? More waiting, more worrying. Use the time to generate a list of questions. Would it be possible to schedule an appointment with him soon after he returns? I always ask for a copy of the medical records and biopsy results for my records. Here are some possible questions- Certainly ask him to rate/quantify the severity of the reflux. What treatment do your recommend? Meds? Diet? Are there any indications that she may develop Barretts? How will we know that the treatment is working? Barretts is a rare complication of reflux. if she is being monitored closely by the dr and receiving aggressive treatment, she will be less likely to develop Barretts. Take a deep breath and try not to stare at the calendar for the next 2 weeks. Jan
Sep 16, 2002
endoscopy and biopsy
My daughter, 13 years, had an endoscopy and biopsy last October 2001. We were merely told, 'yes, she has inflammation of the esophagus. We've been trying different medications since then I have a question for any parents whose child had this proceedure. Assuming it was done under a general anesthesia - WAS A CHEST X-RAY TAKEN PRIOR TO THE PROCEDURE? My duaghter ended up in the ER that evening with severe chest pains/spasms and a high fever. It turned out, she had pneumonia. A year later and she is still suffering from costochondritis. She gets spasms of pain in her chest that leaves her in tears.
Oct 08, 2002
Response to Heather
Heather- my son is almost 4 and was diagnosed with Esopagitis. We tried 6 months of 30 milligrams of Prilosec daily. He was scoped last week and there was no improvment. My son was eating the granules in ice cream sandwiches and there is a possibilty that the medicene was not totally effective since he was chewing some of it. His GI is giving us 7 more weeks (my husband taught Max how to swallow capsules!) of taking the med. the grown up way and we will see. I am seeing a nutritionist this saturday with hopes of help. If there is no change in the next scope Biopsies (December 5) then they want to do a fundo. I cannot even think about that surgery it seems so terrible.
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