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Nov 05, 2002
GER & Asthma x 2 kids now... Do many other families have the same issue?
Hi. My first child had GER as a baby that was never treated. She is now 2 1/2 years old & her pediatrician decided that she outgrew the reflux at 1 year. But I'm not entirely certain that she has-she has some food refusal issues, as well as others listed on this site, but they are subtle enough that the doctor doesn't recognize them as reflux. In March this year she began having respiratory problems and was diagnosed with asthma shortly thereafter. Currently she is maxed out on her asthma meds and still coughing. The asthma specialist is now talking about starting allergy shots. If it is only allergy related, fine, but what is it isn't? I have an HMO & need a referral to take her to a specialist. So, I've pretty much decided to take a roundabout approach- I'm asking for a referral to a pulmonologist for her as we will also be taking her 5 month old sister (also refluxer, just diagnosed with "reactive airways disease.") to ane soon. I plan to as the Pediatrician to refer them both to the pulmonologist & then talk to that Dr about the possibility of silent reflux being an issue. The pulmonologist we'd be going to also works in the same facility as her sister's Ped GI. It's a sad thing that we have to go this route to get it looked into with any seriousness, isn't it? I was just wondering how many of you have kids with both GER & asthma going on at the same time? How do you deal with it? Has treatment for the refluxing helped reduce the severity/frequency of asthma bouts? And any advice/suggestions would be welcome. Thanks in advance! Dottie Daniello
Jan 16, 2003
Liz Brightman
GER and sinus/asthma
Hi, We have a 9 year old daughter who has been suffering with chronic sinus infections and asthma type coughing most of her life. She has been on Flovent, Flonase, Allegra, occasional Albuteral and Singular for years. At age 5 she had sinus surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. The cough is the main symptom, as it can get out of control as a bronchospasm during bad cold type viruses. She has never had a breathing problem or any shortness of breath. The cough acts up when she gets a "cold" type virus and keeps her up at night. We just had her 2nd allergy skin testing done at A.I. Dupont Children's Hospital in Wilmington, De. The first one was done at age 4 in Salisbury, Md. Both times they have been totally negative. The ENT doctor at A.I. Dupont Children's Hospital is the FIRST doctor to ever tell us that there is a connection between health problems of the stomach and sinuses. Even the Hopkins group in 1998 did not mention this. She has never been a good eater and weighs just 52 lbs. Her stomach symptoms are very subtle, yet the Dupont allergy group feels confident enough to put her on Prilosec (reflux med) now and have stopped the Allegra (allergy med). Her sinus infection is being treated now with a new type of nebulizer for only sinuses, prescribed by the Dupont ENT doctor. It is called the 'SinuNEB' machine made by Sinus Pharmacy 1-877-746-8744. This must be prescribed by a specialist. We hope and pray that treating the stomach will help to clear up the nose and chest. I know your frustration and also wonder why it has taken so long for this to be recognized. The allergy doctors at Dupont say even their GI specialists won't admit the connection of stomach to sinus. We will see the GI group in February for evaluation of her stomach,etc. Good luck. Liz Brightman
Feb 23, 2003
gerd and asthma
My son was diagnosed with an asthma realated issuse at 7 months. All of the symptoms added up to gerd. We had a ph probe test done and sure enough he had reflux. Our pulmanary specialist thinks that the gerd is causing the asthma. We are finding this very stressful. Our son is almost a year and does not show any signs of this getting better. he is on prilosec and reglan along with his nebulizer with pulmicort and arbuterol. cindy
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