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Nov 10, 2002
Teen with Reflux - My story
This is my story of my life with reflux hoping to relate to adolescents since there is not much information out there for us. MY STORY I'm 15 and Ive been living with reflux since before i can remember, but I didnt get diagnosed until I was 12. Ive had a very hoarse voice since i was just a baby, once when I was 3, I answered the phone and they thought I was my dad. My symptoms are somewhat severe and somewhat mild. I cant hold down most of my food, i get really bad heartburn about once or twice a week and i have chronic cough. At first it was something I could just put in the back of my head and ignore but then my reflux got worse. My heartburn was getting worse, my vomiting was getting more and more frequent and in larger quantities, (still not much, easily swallowed back down...YUCK!) and my cough was getting so bad I would have to sit down after I coughed because they would take so much air and force out of me, once even coughing a bone out of place. Having a cough pretty much all the time knocking the wind out of me was getting me dizzier and weaker, I was missing school once or twice every two weeks, i was out for a month with pneumonia caused by my reflux. We tried Visceral Manipulation (physical therapy) to see if they could move my organs around to get my sphicter muscle to work but in the end we knew I had to have the surgery. Im now scheduled for a nissan fundoplication in a couple of weeks and honestly couldnt be happier. Though I know theyre could be many side effects, Im praying that their isnt and that my reflux will weaken and rid me of most of the pain. -ME
Nov 10, 2002
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Jan 13, 2003
Reflux Teens
I am so happy to hear I am not alone in GERD, I still do not know much about it because I was recently diagnosed (past 5 months), im 17 and have been on 2 medications and neither have worked. I am happy to know there are others with GERD facing the same challenges, I am still learning and wondering how long it will take me to get better. I would like to talk to others for I belive all sicknesses deserve a support group. As I volunteered at a camp for kids with cancer this summer, I know hearing from others who have the same problems helps! If any one would like to start a support group, or just talk, Feel free to email me.
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