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Dec 08, 2002
J tube
My 11 daughter is getting a J tube in January to go on the ketogetic diet (for seizures) she has Gerd and motility problems (IBS, constipation etc.) and I would like to talk to anyone else whose child has a J tube.
Dec 08, 2002
Hi Judy, My son is now 13 and has a J-tube. His is a button inserted through his G-tube site. It has been very good for him. His weight gain is marginal with G-tube feedings as his motility isn't very good either. E-mail me if you want more information on J-tubes. Spencer has had a G-tube most of the time since he was 5 and has had a J-tube for a total of about a year. Patti
Dec 08, 2002
more questions
Patti- Is Spencer on continous feeds? Does he feel hungry? Do you vent him? How? Does he still have reflux? and thats just for starters! My email is if you want to email me-We are doing the j tube to bypass the stomach because when she was on the ketogenic diet in the past (4 fats to 1 carbs) she did NOT tolerate the diet and would refuse to eat- you can imagine what that kind of diet did to her GI system I appreciate any info you are willing to share with me! Thank you, Judy
Dec 09, 2002
Judy, I'm on my way out the door but will e-mail you later today. Patti
Jun 06, 2003
Hi my name is Kim,I have a 20 month old with a j-tube. She doesn't want to eat or be burped she says it hurts any suggestion.
Jan 22, 2003
Hi- I have a J tube and one of my kids has one as well--- you can reach me at Steph
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