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Dec 19, 2002
Ongoing reflux in my preemie, how long is too long?
Dexter is a 26 week gestation baby, has had reflux problems since birth, averaging 2-5 throw up incidences a week, some weeks better some weeks worse. I was told don't worry he will grow out of it. The problem cont. until he was three, many pleas to my family doctor, until he only would drink milk for 4 months. Went to a GI tested for allergies, and every other test in the book. They put a G tube, took out his tonsiles, & scoped him. He has now had it for three years (he is 6 yrs. old), the throwing up has continued not as bad as he has been since receiving sensitivity theraphy, which has been very helpful regarding food texture problems. Currently he is taking metoclopram before every meal and before night-time, uses a wedge, and continues to have throwing up episodes, sometimes 4-8 times in a row in which he gets the dry heaves and gets dehydrated, and also complains of several pain at the nap of his neck during these episodes. My doctors cont. to offer no advice or alternatives. I'm at my wits ends!!!
Dec 23, 2002
preemies - reflux - neck pain
I'm so sorry your child is having such problems. I have triplets who were born at 28 weeks' gestation, and they all had severe reflux - one of my children, Shannon, is still bothered by reflux at age 4.5 years, although it is mostly "silent" now (i.e., no vomiting - we did the projectile vomiting with every feed and then some times 3 kids for their first 2 years). Shannon had a g-tube placed at 18 mos. of age, and she is now 100% dependent on it for her nutrition. She takes in VERY little by mouth. My husband has severe GERD, and just recently the dr. has finally admitted that Shannon will probably always have reflux - that it's not just a preemie thing, but is probably genetic. One thing really struck me from your message - the pain your child is having at the nape of his neck. We found out a year ago that Shannon had Arnold chiari malformation with a syrinx. She had decompression surgery this past Feb., and has improved in many areas. Has your son ever had a brain/spinal MRI? There are more than a few cases of kids with reflux also having ACM - just something you may want to ask your dr. about. Susan
Jan 03, 2003
neck pain w/vomiting, thanks Susan
Thank you so much for your response, I am definitely in the fact finding mode with these issues, as I need to find another GI, Dexter's GI, after three yrs., is going to another hospital in another state, so we are going to have to start over. I just don't understand why the doctor's didn't do something for him long ago he has had vomiting since beginning him on formula in the NICU, the first of any medications didn't start until three years ago when he was three, so he has dealt with this for three years prior. None of the children have nissen's?
Jan 04, 2003
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You Deserve some answers!
Hello! You certainly deserve some answers! You have certainly waited long enough. Therefore, I am glad you are going to have a second opinion with a new doctor. Keep searching for answers and don't give up. Jan
Feb 03, 2003
Erythromycin and GER
One of my friend's son has GER and is being given erythromycin as a treatment. we are interested to know how this antibiotic work with GER. My email is: thanks
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