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Jan 23, 2003
how much is too much
My son is two almost three, he is about to go into the hospital for a second time due to gerd, failure to thrive, sensory integration dysfunction, and severe anemia. The last time he went in he spent 11 days in the hospital, the doctors ran a lot of tests and even gave him a blood transfusion but could not find the cause of his problems. He is 3 feet tall and only weighs 25 lbs. He has been on a NG tube for 5 months now and I am worried about the toll this is going to take on him emotionally. Has anyone else had the same experience???
Jan 31, 2003
Why is he going into the hospital?
I am wondering why he is going to be in the hospital. More tests? Treatment? Will a team of specialist see him? Who is coordinating his care? Is there one doctor who is helping you manage all of the problems and looking at the big picture? I am not a doctor but anemia has many causes. Could there be some gi bleeding? Poor diet? Other? why does the doctors think he is anemic? Is he gaining weight any better with the NG tube? Is he being seen by a nutritionist to look at his diet, calories, nutrients, vitamin needs, etc. While my child has different symptoms, I think it is common for parents of children with GER to feel that it takes some time to pull together a plan that works. GER is difficult to diagnose and treat. It takes some time and effort from a doctor or team of doctors to figure it all out. Keep trying and keep in touch. Jan
Feb 01, 2003
He went into the hospital on Jan. 30 to go into a six week feeding program and more test. It is now believed that he may have a genetic disorder. He has an extensive team of specialist but no one has seemed to be able to find the origin of the anemia (in the past few weeks his blood counts have been normal.)His weight bounces up and down from week to week dropping as low as 23 lbs and as high as 26 lbs. Just a few days ago, the doctors removed the NG tube and are trying to get him to eat by mouth to avoid giving him a g tube. He is doing okay with the feedings but he still is not eating anywhere near a normal toddler portion and he still continues to throw up while trying to eat. He is also beginning to pocket food. However, I am told that he is very good natured and well mannered while being fed and that his oral intake of liquids is slightly above normal. LeAnne
Feb 10, 2003
I hope they find out the cause, poor little guy. Is there a possibility that any of his medications he is taking could cause the anemia, if he is on meds. What meds does he take? It seems like somewhere I read that some reflux meds could cause this problem. I will keep looking to see where I read that, when I find it I will give you the info. Sounds like they are think more genetics though. Good Luck, Allys Mom~Hannah
Feb 10, 2003
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Anemia and PPIs?
It is hard to absorb iron in a low acid environment. A few parents have reported anemia with PPIs. Beth
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