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Apr 21, 2003
Looking for parents experienced with food aversion & feeding therapists...
My 3 yr old was finally sent to a GI specialist after both my husband & I argued with her (3rd!) pediatrician for 30 minutes AND informed him that her pulmonologist wanted her checked for GERD! We got a decent GI who decided to just give Prevacid a try... within 4 days she had her first "asthma-free" night in over a year! Anyway, now, we've convinced her GI to send her for eval/treatment for her food-aversion issues... She currently lives on peanut butter, crackers, cereal & milk. I was just wondering what we should expect this evaulation to involve. How intensive does treatment for food-aversion tend to be and how long? Are there any parents out there going through something similar that would like to correspond? Thanks in advance,
Apr 23, 2003
Food Aversion
My 3 year old son was just diagnosed with reflux. He too lives on a very limited diet.....yogurt, milk, and instant potatoes. He won't eat anything that he has to chew. We have an appointment with his GI Doc next month and I hope to address this issue. Sometimes he tries to eat other things but just spits them right out. Let me know what happens with your 3 year old. Good Luck with your appointment. Bethany
Apr 23, 2003
feeding therapist
Bethany, It must be soo frustrating! Natalia does the opposite! She only wants to eat crunchy things-crackers, dry cereal, pretzels... other than peanut butter, she refuses to eat anything smooth or "mushy." We went for her evaluation yesterday...the therapist just backed up my suspicions. She thinks the main problem is probably delayed gastric emptying & wants her to get a medical workup (upper GI). it's what I wanted the ped GI to do in the FIRST place, but he argued that it was a behavioral issue & sent us to the feeding therapist. I'm going to be hard pressed not to rub his nose in it at our next follow-up in May. Poetic justice that the recommendation will be coming from the therapist he referred us to. We're back to grazing on dry cereal or whatever all day long.. He told us to cut out her all day munching & juice and to only offer 3 meals & 3 snacks with milk or water, nothing in between. His theory was she was doing this as a "control issue" & would eat whenever she got hungry enough! Sure, now we've been back to her pediatrician because she was getting "too tired" to eat dinner, and dehydrating on his fluids with meals or snacks only. I wish you luck with your son & hope your doctors are better educated in reflux & more cooperative! Sorry if I sound a little bitter: it's been a three year battle involving changing pediatricians three times, an allergist, a pulmonologist & my husband & I arguing with our most recent pediatrician for half an hour to get a referral to the GI. Have you tried giving him peanut butter (or another of the sort: soy, cashew, etc.)? I don't think she would have survived without it. We also give her ovaltine in her milk frequently. Other things to try might be ice cream, hummus, cream cheeses, mashed avacodo or guacamole... those are decent sources of nutrition & more variety if he'll take it. Anyway, feel free to email me directly if you'd like to keep in touch! Dottie (
Apr 24, 2003
Nini (
Been there, done that!
Hello! I applaud you and your husband for fighting such a ridiculous battle! You should never have had to go through that! My daughter was sent to a feeding team when she was 10 months old and we started OT shortly thereafter. She was evaluated for her eating abilities (they watched me try to feed her for 1/2 hour) and also for her developmental progress. Once we started therapy she was given various things to mouth and eat and the therapist showed me how to help her get used to items and textures in her mouth. She still doesn't eat at 20 months, but her reflux is still horrendous so I attribute it to that mostly. What they did for her was get her to even put things in her mouth as she would only put her bottle in for the longest time. It is much more intense I imagine for a child of 3 to 4 but well worth it! Good luck!!
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