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Apr 21, 2003
Rebecca Smith
Burping a baby with a fundo & G-tube - - HELP!!
I am desperately seeking advice on how to burp my son. He had a Nissen fundo 2 months ago & also had a G-tube placed at that time. The tube was recently changed to a Mic-key G Button & ever since then we have found it IMPOSSIBLE to burp hime when he feeds by mouth (he is breastfed). Our GI suggested laying him on his back and lifting his rear end up so the air can get to the button - this does not work. The air starts to come out, but then stops halfway up the tube. We end up sitting him up, draining the contents of his tummy completely, just so we can get to the air on top. This is so frustrating for him & he is starting to refuse to feed at all. One of the purposes of the surgery was to get him to eat better (he had very bad reflux), but it seems the opposite is happening. Can anyone help with this problem???? Rebecca & Tryyn
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