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Apr 27, 2003
Richard Lee
My son has "choking episodes" after 2 nissens
My son was bourn 2 months premiture with a major exompholas and also a TOF OA. He has sufferes from servre reflux and had a nissens @ 4 months (270 wrap). He then developed choking episodes witch were at first thought to be gagging but very soon it was clear it was not. We then had 3 months of tests to try to find out what was happening (broncoscopy, endoscope,videoflroscapie, nuriours barameal swallows, milk ph studie and finaly an apple juice ph studie that proved he was still refluxing. They done another nissens (360 wrap) 1 month ago and my son is still choking upto 25 times a day lasting any thing from 30 seconds to 4 minuites. has anyone experianced any thing like this as our hospital (Kings College, London) seems to be baffled. I do hope someone can help. Many Thanks Richard
Apr 27, 2003
Don Bates - Northern VA
Our son occasionally "gags"
Richard, Our 29 month old has had 2 nissens (not sure of the degrees, though). He occasionally "gags" (our description), which sounds like your description of choking. Certainly not 25 times a day, though. He has a g-tube, so we can "vent" him when he starts to gag. Most of his nutrition comes from his g-tube, so may "gag" if we overfeed him. He also might "gag" if he drinks too much water too quickly. We always try to prevent the "gagging" because we're afraid he'll herniate his nissen. Hope this helps. Don Bates
May 09, 2003
Dear Richard, Are you talking about dry heaves-vomiting without anything coming out? The nissan will prevent some or all of the vomit from coming out. it can be very uncomfortable to try to vomit after a nissan. Does your son have a g-tube? I found that my daughter had a great deal of gas bloat after her nissan and we had to open the tube before,during and after each meal and at other times to let the air come out. Perhaps he is having a build up of gas and it tries to go up rather than down. We call this venting the tube. Another reason for dry heaves or vomiting could be a food allergy. Could he be sensitive to soy, dairy, lactose? Other foods? Any food allergies in your family? After the nissan, it is very important to eat slowly and carefully, start with liquids and thickened liquids before going to regular food. My daughter had to eat like a little mouse!!! Nibble, nibble!!! all day long and then used the feeding pump at night. If your son does not have a gtube, I wonder if the doctors would want to try using a nasogastric tube with a very, very slow rate and see if the vomiting goes away. Sometimes, gastric emptying can decrease AFTER a nissan.This may be due to the surgery and how the stomach/esophagus are re-shaped. Your child's doctors can consult with us directly and we would be glad to send any studies or documents to assist with treatment. You may want to read the article called Focus on Surgey and bring it to your next appointment. It is available on this website. Keep in touch. Jan Burns PAGER Staff
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