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Aug 29, 2003
Medicines for dealing with vomiting
I have an 8 year old son who has had severe reflux since infancy. It became worse after his g-tube was placed. From what I have read, a fundo doesn't sound like a good idea as he vomits on fairly regular (almost daily) basis. Different positions and feeding rates/amounts don't really seem to be a factor. Despite the frequent nausea, he has done a good job of maintaining his weight on tube feedings of Peptamin Jr. and Suplena. Just to make things more challenging, he also has seizures, very poor muscle tone (can't stand or sit unassisted) and severe developmental delay. What truly frustrates us is a lack of options (at least that we know of) in medicating the nausea. He is on liquid Zantac for the acid production, and based on the appearance of his g-tube button when it is replaced, at least that seems to be working. However, since Propulsid was taken off of the market, our GI doc has told us the next best alternative is actually Erythromycin, which is an antibiotic. Now we are not wild about him being on an antibiotic continuously, but we have seen how is is without it and find that quitting it is not an option. Have any other parents know of or had luck with any other meds? Any opinions would be welcomed. Dan & Erika Hidalgo Southgate, Mich.
Aug 31, 2003
Meds for nausea/vomitting
My son was recently put on Zofran to suppress his gag and reduce his need to vomit. He had a fundo so he is not able to vomit but he still "tries" to, or feels the need to. I feel the Zofran has helped and my son has experienced virtually no side effects. His gagging and wretching which became almost constant has drastically decreased. It is my understanding that Zofran is commonly used to control nausea/vommiting post-operatively and for oncology patients (including kids). The only drawback to Zofran that I see is that it is really expensive. My son receives aid because of his special needs, so his prescriptions (whatever our ins. doesn't cover) is covered by aid (Zofran is non-formulary for our ins.). This is the only way we could afford this drug. I also wanted to suggest Reglan for motility-delayed gastric emptying, in addition or in place of e-mycin. It is supposed to speed up motility thru the gi tract, but can cause a variety of side effects. Personally, we didn't have any luck managing my son's reflux with medications, but it is definately worth a try. It sounds very encouraging that the Zantac is controlling acid production in your son. Decreased acid means less pain with reflux and when they do vomit. You are very wise to be skeptical of the fundo, I would only recommend it if failure to thrive was a major issue, because it is not a fix all and even causes a new set of problems. The fact that your son is maintaining/gaining weight is something to be grateful for and proud of. Take Care, Nikki (mom of Zachary 34mo.)
Aug 31, 2003
Dan & Erika
Response to Nikki
Thanks for the information. We are seeing our GI doc in a few weeks and I will mention to Zofran to her. We already talked about the Reglan and she warned that in our Darren's case, the side effects outweighed the benefits. I also appreciate the thoughts about the fundo. Ever since we had the g-tube placed, maintaining weight has never been a problem (he's almost 8 and is over 60 lbs.), so we always looked at the fundo as a "last resort" kind of issue. I would still appreciate thoughts from any other parent who has had dealings with vomiting and the fundo, along with medicinal attempts to control it. Thank you so much, Dan & Erika Hidalgo
Apr 08, 2004
Fundo & vomiting
My daughter had a fundo done at 3 months. She started vomiting at 6 months and she is still vomiting several times a day at 20 months. The doctors say she is overcoming the operation because it is still in place. I would definitly look into all of your options before surgery. My daughter also has a g-tube. Good Luck!
Sep 21, 2003
Have you tried Zofran? It is now routinely used in the ER for vomiting, but my daughter's stupid GI doctors about a year-and-a-half ago when I inquired about it, refused to put her on it. I presented all the research I had done to her pedi, and he agreed to let us try it. It is VERY expensive but did help with her vomiting by decreasing it about 50% but not entirely. It works on the "vomiting control center" of the brain. The GI docs have always pushed a G-tube and fundo for my daughter (an ex-24 week preemie with daily projectile vomiting), but after all my research does not seem to be the option for us. Good luck! Paula
Oct 11, 2003
to Dan & Erika
Our son has had 2 fundos. The first had complications which caused severe septic infection which almost killed him. The second Fundo was done correctly, and stopped his GERD. However, it IS physically impossible for him to vomit. We figured that would be a very rare occurance. After all, how often does an otherwise healthy kid get the stomach flu? What we didn't realize, was that all the adhessions caused from the first botched operation would eventually also cause a partial bowel obstruction and colon inertia. To make a long story short, he has chronic constipation. When he gets impacted, the pressure pushes up on his gut which makes him HAVE TO vomit. Since he can't vomit, he is in horrible pain and retching, which sends us rushing to the nearest ER. Not a pretty picture!Although taking Zelnorm has helped him, about every two weeks he still gets impacted. We do give him oral Zofran to help with the nausea and retching. Sometimes it works, and other times it doesn't. When it doesn't, he has to get IV Zofran at the ER. If your child vomits daily, be very cautious about getting a Fundo! Our now 14yr. old son is gifted, athletic(plays Varsity Soccer on his H.S.), and is an all around good kid. Watching him suffer from the physical pain and the emotional pain(embaressing to have colon problems) is very hard. If I were you, I would check out both Zelnorm and Zofran, AND all other drug options before surgery. Carol
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