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Sep 15, 2003
domperidone experiences
We recently started our 18 month old daughter on domperidone, the motility drug. She has CP and reflux as a complication. The reflux is pretty severe, and we've suffered extended cycles during which no medication seems to help her and she refuses to eat. The domperidone has brought with it some odd side effects. She seems to have trouble burping, which causes her almost as much distress as the reflux itself. When we give her a break from the meds for a few days that problem seems to go away. We wonder if anyone else has tried this medication (it's not FDA approved but used throughout the rest of the world, including in Canada) and what others' experiences have been.
Sep 16, 2003
Hi. My son has been taking Domperidone for almost 2 yrs with a few month break to try Zelnorm. Domperidone has een the only thing to help him due to complex reconstructive surgery he had on his esophagus and stomach. He has no difficulty burping at all. Domperidone definitely helps his motility. We are also in the US and my son is the only child his GI has taking Domperidone at this time. Patti
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