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Oct 22, 2003
Pam from Perth Australia
Cyclic Vomitting or Abdominal Migraine
I have written previously about my 3 children who have severe GERD. My younger 2 have had fundoplications recently. My eldest is to have it next year. Life is significantly better since the surgery. But something new has emerged with my 4 year old, Abby. She had her fundo at the end of May. She has started to feel really sick each morning and after she eats, she is trying to vomit, and has succeeded on several occasions. She gets severe and crippling abdominal pain. We think she is lactose intolerant, but the problem still exists with that corrected. She has big problems with diahorrea also - it has improved a bit since the lactose free diet was introduced. The gastroenterologist thinks it may be Abdominal Migraine - otherwise known as Cyclic Vomitting. He said that it is not realated to her reflux. Has anyone else come across this???? I have done some searching on the net so know a bit about it and she seems to have a lot of the symptoms. But I find it hard to believe that all these gut issues are not connected somehow. Abby did not have this problem before the surgery - but it was hard to tell what the problem was as she had bad reflux and felt sick adn vomitted a lot anyway - all day and night for that matter! If you have any thoughts, I would love to hear from you Regards, Pam
Oct 22, 2003
Pam, I'm sorry to hear that Abby is having problems post fundo. Does she have other symptoms like lethargy or sweating that accompany her abdominal pain and diarrhea? If she does, you might want to ask your ped about dumping syndrome. Fundoplication surgery can change the rate of emptying of the stomach - any stomach surgery can do that. My son has had problems with dumping syndrome. He typically had severe abdominal pain, sweating, dizziness, nausea, wretching, and diarrhea which could be explosive. A big with dumping is the hypoglycemia that can go along with it can be dangerous. I hope you get some answers for Abby.
Oct 22, 2003
I have not noticed Abby sweating when she has this problem - and she has not complained of dizziness. But I will watch for it. I asked the Dr about dumping as Abby definately had this immediately post operatively. The Dr doesnt think that this is her problem. She does get hyper sensitive to noise, which is a symptom of Abdominal Cramping. She has not had the photophobia though. She does get lethergy a lot and still has up to a 2 hour sleep every afternoon! Her weight is great though. I am not sure what to make of it, but appreciate your help. I think I will keep a diary of what she is eating and what her reactions are over the next 2 weeks before I see the Doctor. Pam
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