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Jan 27, 2004
pH probe test
My son went in to have the pH probe test done. They dont use sedation or numbing agents. They were unable to get it down his nose - they said he must have big adenoids. Has anyone else had this experience and do you know what they can do instead? We went home with out the test.
Jan 31, 2004
pH probe
We also had the probe done when our daughter was about 2 months old. They were unable to get it down one nostril but were successful with the other side. They said she may have a minor septal defect?! Honestly, the pH probe didn't tell us anything we didn't already know (she has reflux)! In fact, our doctor told us that this is not the best test for reflux. At which point I wanted to ask why the heck he put our daughter through this 24 hour procedure! I'm not sure of other tests which rate the acidity of stomach contents, however there is always the barium swallow which can identify reflux. Then there is the more invasive scope of the esophagus. Not sure if this helps?!
Mar 28, 2004
PH probe
My son had a PH probe done when he was 5yr. old. He was put to sleep {for the procedure} and keep in the hospital for the 24 hr. period. They also did a bronchoscopy, gastro. w/ biopsies, and lavase at the same time. After a long period of being treated for asthma this procedure was very helpful. It let us know what degree of reflux he had, it told us if he was aspirating into his lungs, and there were other things that can be detected by these tests. I finally got some very long awaited anwsers. He had barrium swallows and it showed normal results {not very helpful in our expierence for gerd}. Barrium swallow did detect other issues when focusing on the right places. Although the probe was uncomfortable for my son, with out a doubt the best test done so far in reguards to information for this medical issue. In fact there is also a nuclear medicine test that is suppost to also detect reflux and how quickly the stomach is emptying. Best to gather your concerns and questions and take them to the GI. I never go with out my pad and pen. Good Luck....
Apr 02, 2004
Pam and Paul from Australia
Thanks for your reply. The Dr wanted the pH probe done, so we just had it done under a GA We got the results. One episode lasted 105 minutes! He refluxed most of the night. He has terrible reflux and we are now satisfied that surgery is the only option. He is on 40mg Nexium and it is still not controlling his symptoms. Pam
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