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Feb 08, 2004
Recovery from Sandifer's?
Hi, Those of you who have babies with Sandifer's syndrome, how quickly have the symptoms disappeared after the medication started? My son was diagnosed at 7 months age with Sandifer's syndrome (vomiting, not growing, refused to eat, lot of crying, tense neck, not willing to use his hands etc.). Now he has been on medication (Antramups, a Swiss medicine) for one month. The situation has improved but it is still very difficult to get him eat and drink. I would be very grateful if you could tell me about ypur recover stories (how long did it take, what medicine did he take, have all the symptoms disappered etc.) Many thanks in advance.
Aug 11, 2004
Sandifer's Recovery
Hi, My son is now 2 1/2 and has had reflux all of his life. He developed Sandifer's when he was 9 months old. Dr's increased his Zantac dosage, and the Sandifer's went away within a few days. However, he outgrew the Zantac's effectiveness around 14 months old and was taking the max dose, so he was started on Prilosec (on Nexium now because of insurance reasons). Anyway, we have not seen a return ( -yet- ) of the Sandifer's, but I expect it any day now as his has had a growth spurt causing his reflux to worsen terribly (sometimes spits up as much as 20 times a day!) Misti
Jul 15, 2008
My son has had the sever episodes of Sandifers but he arches his neck and back throwing himself around after eating everyday...even on medication. Is Sandifers ONLY the sever episodes or is it the daily activity to?
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