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Feb 23, 2004
18.5 mo old son with ger for 12 mo. will have upper Gi then ph probe....need info
Hello all my hardworking parent friends, I finally took my son to UCLA pediatrics to get some action into his daily reflux problem. He is not on any meds since we tried them all and none worked. He has 6 food allergies too which were diagnosed via blood test. Dr. wants to do upper gi... does it hurt child? how to get them to drink the liquid stuff? do parents have to sit in room too?(very squeamish here) Then for PH probe? what does it actually diagnose? My son has reflux for sure. what else could this test do? I feel that sticking tube down their throat is cruel unless really necessary to help. also...anyone have experiences with UCLA pediatric GI drs? thank you all pamela
Feb 27, 2004
Dr Dysdal
Has you child been on Prevacid in Caracream. I must say that it seems to significantly improve the effect of the medication. I believe that the University of Missouri will send you some at no charge. It makes a big difference. I am in Family Practice and see a fair amount of reflux in kids. We try to make sure they have had a trial of Prevacid in Caracream before we conclude that PPIs did not work. You might do the same if you have not already done so. Hope this is helpful
Mar 28, 2004
Hello pamela, My child had the ph probe done and it told us the degree of reflux that he has. It also told us that he is aspirating into his lungs and that he has tracheamalicia {which means that his main airway colapses because it is to soft}. This test was very helpful in being able to properly treat my child. I would have it done again in a second. The ph probe will also tell you exactly how many episodes the child has and whether he was awake or sleeping during it. My child is being treated "aggressively" - as they put it. And with my child's asthma he was given steriods when we could not control the coughing {you are not suppost to use steriods when you have tracheamalicia} we would not even know that he had this if it were not for the ph probe. Best of luck to you...
Apr 21, 2004
UGI and pH probe
My son had two UGI's, and they are pretty benign. They put the dye in a bottle and feed it that way. I refused the pH probe, because, what would it have told us that we didn't already know? He wasn't having respiratory problems, thank God, and I wasn't considering surgery (he was thriving, just unhappy and with esophagitis). Consider checking out chocobase/ A lifesaver!
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