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Mar 18, 2004
New book on infant reflux...
I just wanted to announce the release of my new book on infant reflux. I am the mother of beautiful little Gerdling who is almost four. She has been tube fed her entire life from her reflux and still suffers. About the book: Follow Shae-Lynne's mom through the excitement of her first pregnancy and the abounding joy of the birth of her beautiful baby girl. Joy quickly turns to frustration, fear, guilt and sorrow as she begins to realize there is something wrong with her perfect new bundle. Ride the reflux roller coaster with Roni as she struggles to survive the following months watching helplessly as her daughter starves herself, and suffers from uncontrollable vomiting, choking and failure to thrive. Desperately trying to get a diagnoses and finally a treatment for her beautiful little girl's suffering Roni begins to research believing if she studied enough she would find a solution. What she finds instead is a whole world of other children suffering just as Shae-Lynne does. Life on the Reflux Roller Coaster is a heartwarming, at times heartbreaking story that we can all learn from about surviving, and finding hope and joy through personal tragedy. Not only a powerful story, it's jammed full of important information about the devastating effects of reflux disease, as well as treatment options and support groups. For more information (and reviews, including one from Beth Anderson, who gave me permission to post this) you can visit Thanks for your time. Roni
Mar 19, 2004
Hi Roni, what a wonderful thing you have done! Its so funny - I had been looking for just such a book and when I didnt find one, I started it myself! I'd like to ask whether your book includes info on silent reflux, docs failing to diagnose, speech delay and techniques to overcome oral defensiveness? Thanks again for providing a much-needed book on a much under reported problem!
Mar 20, 2004
Hi Phyllis, Thanks for your reply! It was a lot more work that I ever imagined when I started that's for sure. Has your book gone to print yet, what is it's status? I would love to read it. In answer to your question, yes. Although Shae-Lynne didn't specifically have silent reflux (she's a puker) there are stories from other mothers about their kids and several have had silent reflux, as well there is an entire section in the back after the story with a great deal of information on all aspects of reflux and GERD. The beginning of the book has a great deal of info about what we went through just to get a proper diagnosis for Shae. Shae-Lynne still has a speech delay so I touched on that issue as well. There is a part with some information on a few of the things we tried for her oral defensiveness, as well as a little bit on sensory integration disorder as we thought perhaps at one point she may have a little SID problem. I didn't get into a whole lot on those issues but definitely touched on them and provided information on who to find for help with each of the problems, be it OT's, PT's, SLT's etc. I hope that answered your question and I will watch for your book :o). Roni
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