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Jun 14, 2004
Don and Marianne Bates - Northern VA
For Carla G., re: 2nd Fundo
Carla, I tried to respond to your email about 2nd Fundos, but my email was rejected by your ISP for some reason. Here's my response (please email again if you'd like to correspond more): =================== "Hi Carla, Thanks for the email. I certainly don't mind trying to answer some of your questions. Sam, our youngest, had his first fundo at 7 weeks for age. He never vomited or burped after the first fundo; though he did retch (dry heave) if we over-fed him. At about age 1 1/2 years, Sam's retching, which before was occasional, now became more often; and then the retches started to be actual vomiting. It was the vomiting that clued us in that there were problems. This all materialized over a few month period. We then went back to our Ped GI and he ordered a milk scan (a motility test) because we thought that maybe he was vomiting because his stomach wasn't emptying properly. The milk scan showed that Sam was actually refluxing and that he had a hiatal hernia. After the second Fundo, the surgeon told us that Sam had really torn his diaphram good, probably from the retching, and this is why he had the hiatal hernia. I guess the initial retching caused the hiatal hernia, which put pressure on the stomach, which caused more retching, which made the hernia worse, etc. We made the decision for the second fundo a few days after the milk scan; it then took us a few weeks to schedule it. While we went on Prevacid until the second fundo, we made the surgery decision right away. I think the endoscopy is the best way to tell if the fundo is still holding, but that does require anestesia, as I think you know. On the other hand, if the reflux is what is causing her problems, then the PPI's (prevacid or prilosec or nexium) should help with this. One approach might be to try the PPI and see if they make a difference. If they make a difference, then you can probably judge that she is refluxing. If the medicines (at a good dose) don't work, then the cause could be something else. How is Chelsea doing developmentally? Are there other issues that you're also dealing with? Some of these could effect her disposition as well. I hope this helps a little. Please write back; I'd like to hear more about Chelsea and maybe we can chat more. Also, feel free to call -- xxx-xxx-xxxx -- if you'd like to discuss with me or my wife, Marianne. I look foward to hearing back from you. Thanks, and best of luck. v/r Don"
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