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Jun 14, 2004
Kathy Christmas, Americus, Georgia
grandson with GER, 5 months old, Fundo and g tube
My grandson is going to have a fundo and the G tube sometime this week. He is 5 monthsold, and was born 12 weeks early. The reflux is partly the cause of him having a trach about 4 weeks ago. Can someone please tell me what to look for (the side effects) and what questions to be asking the doctors. I am lost. Thanks Kathy Christmas
Jun 15, 2004
Hi Kathy, My daughter, Sophie who is now 12 months old had her g-tube and fundo done at seven months of age. The only reason we did not have it done sooner was that she had a cardiac problem which our doctors thought would require surgery, and therefore they did not want a g-tube in before hand (this can sometimes cause complications in cardiac surgery). Luckily, we had a wonderful pediatric surgeon who performed the surgery laproscopically. Contrary to what you might have read, this is a very routine pediatric was a Godsend for us. Our daughter had a feeding tube which went down her nose for five months prior to the fundo. With the fundo and g-tube she was FINALLY able to gain weight. I would love to talk to you about this more or give you and your family any support that I can. You can email me, and I will send you my phone numbers. All the best, Alex Missagia
Jun 15, 2004
Don and Marianne Bates - Northern VA
Our son had a Fundo
Hi Kathy, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandson. Our youngest son had a fundo when he was 7 weeks old. We'd more than happy to talk with you and your kids about this; just email us at Thanks. v/r Don Bates
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