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Aug 03, 2004
Sherry in PA
DGE medical/surgical options
Help! I'm looking for any moms out there with a refluxer who also has delayed emptying. I've been researching motility meds and nothing looks very promising. Firstly because it looks as though none of them are intended for long term use (and I'm assuming the DGE is a long term prooblem) and then the potential side effects look awful. I'm also in a tailspin because it seems that there are some procedures that can be done along with a fundo to help with motility, but I've read so much that now I'm confused. Then again, if some fundos result in dumping syndrome, would that counteract the delay? Sarah has been pretty well controlled on nexium and zantac but still has mild sore throat, laryngeal irritation and swelling, and nausea part of every day. I'm not sure we've tried enough medically, but the GI is starting to mention fundo. Any insight at all would be appreciated.
Aug 04, 2004
My son had severe DGE along with reflux. He would throw up his breakfast in the middle of the night. HE had a pyloroplasty along with a fundo and g-tube placement when he was 13 months old, he is now 5 1/2. The pyloroplasy worked but came with its own set of problems. He had severe dummping syndrome for about 2 1/2 years after surgery. He ended up on TPN (IV nutrients) for a while also. His stomach still empties fast to this day. Although, we have since found out that the pyloroplasty helped move food through his intestines faster which is where his problem origially lies. Please know that this is not typical of all kids who have a pyloroplasys. Feel free to email me if you have anymore questions and I will be happy to try and answer them. Elizabeth
Sep 10, 2004
Hello, I have 2 refluxers who also both have delayed gastric emptying. I use "Maltsupex" (Malt Soup Extract) and also (for the 3 yr old) karo corn syrup. Both work very well and are safe for long term use. The maltsupex is very expensive but a natural remedy, comes in both syrup and powder form. Karo corn syrup is very effective but you cant give it to a child under the age of 1.
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