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Aug 04, 2004
Fundo gone bad, and no one will help
Hello My name is Christine. I have a 3 1/2 year old little boy named Jake who had the fundo with g-tube placement April 23, 2004. Right after the surgery, he retched and had explosive dierreah. Jake always had dierreah, but was made worse by the fundo. Finally after two months of retching for 40 mins straight at times, the vomit is coming thru. It is projectile vomit, and comes out his nose. 90% of the time it looks like bile, but sometimes it looks like the color of the pedisure. We got a new GI in the last month, simply cause Jake was having these issues and the surgeon wanted a GI that was going to be around. Our GI traveled alot. So it has been awful, he is now on previcid, reglan and now a new med that the GI gave us yesterday called Dicyclomine. But that does nothing for the vomit. Jake is worse now after the surgery than before. I spoke with the surgeon again yesterday who was willing to go in and redo the fundo and than place a J-tube in, it would be only for a month or so and that way his tummy would have time to have the swelling go down and no retching. The GI was not for that and instead put him on a new med. He said that if Jake is still having these issues next week after being on the med, than he wants him to be admitted for observation. See were I have a problem with that is Jake has good days and bad days. I can not predicit when he will vomit and have dierreah. He can have a good week with no problems and than 4 days of hell. All I want is the GI to do a endoscope and colon scope, and it seems as though they like to play the waiting see game. Does anyone experience is?? I just feel like giving up and saying screw it, this is how it is going to be,and we have to some how put Jakes bad days of puke and dierreah into his life and preschool. I am so tired and don't know what else to do.
Aug 05, 2004
Mom of 3 year old Chelsea with severe GERD, 2 fundos and hernia repairs, chronic GI pain, laryngospasms, RAD, subglottic stenosis, chronic congestion, and food allergies AND 4 month old Gavin with GERD and MSPI
bad fundo
Hi Christine, I am soooo sorry this happened to your little guy. My 2 year old daughter had a fundo and it seemed to be effective for 4 months. Now at 6 months post fundo she is refluxing again. She is having an endoscopy on the 17th, so hopefully we'll find out why she is refluxing again when they do this procedure. I have some questions for you to answer in your mind, just to make sure you knwo the answers. It helped me to understand these things. I am familiar with Reglan and Prevacid (my daughter took both and is currently on Prevacid). Is there another name for this new med the GI put him on? Did he tell you what this med is supposed to do for your son? How long should it take before it becomes effective if it is going to work? Has he passed that effectiveness date without any improvements? Did he make you aware of the potential side effects of Reglan? I am just wondering, what meds was he on before the fundo and why was the fundo done (what indicated the need for it)? The reason for all these questions: my daughter tried zantac,prevacid, reglan, carafate, and prilosec before the fundo. None of them were effective for her because she had a large hiatal hernia and so much internal damage to her esophagus and vocal cords by the time she was diagnosed with reflux at 20 months. After the fundo she did well (as far as not refluxing) for 4 months. After a lot of coughing, we suspect that she herniated the wrap. Now, I immediately wanted to do an endoscopy to find out what went wrong. The GI wanted to do an Upper GI. I agreed even though it wasn't reliable the 1st time with Chelsea because it isn't invasive. She refused to drink the barrium, so we couldn't do it. I pressed harder for the endoscopy. The GI wanted her to go back on Prevacid. So we came to an agreement: if I saw an improvement ater 10 days of Prevacid, we would wait an additional 4 weeks to re-evaluate whether or not we would pursue any tests (unless she changed drastically in that 4 weeks). They also kept encouraging me to try Reglan. We did, and after 3 days, we took her off of it because she had Parkinsons-like symptoms. Then we tried erythromycin, and it made her stop eating because it upset her stomach. By 4 weeks (the time we agreed to) we all unanimously agreed that we weren't seeing the improvement that we hoped to see and we scheduled the endoscopy (it's in 2 weeks). What I had to think through to come to this agreement, is that if they went in and did the endoscopy when I originally wanted it done and found reason to re-do the fundo, would I have then wheeled her in to surgery to have it redone 5 months after having it done the 1st time? NO! We would have wanted to wait and try things again, because our daughter isn't as bad as she was before the 1st one. It was a great thing for her the 1st time even though it was short lived, but we would want some time to go by (as long as it was tolerable) before we did it again. Now for you, the fundo made your son worse. If he wretched a lot, it's possible that the surgeon did the wrap too tight. Do you know if they put a tube in the esophagus to guide how tight or loose to make the wrap? Does the surgeon see reason for it to have gone so bad, or is he just offering to re-do it without that insight? It would scare me if he just wanted to re-do it again without him knowing what went wrong the 1st time. What I would suggest, is that you think through your reasons for wanting to do the endscopy. I am assuming, that like me, you want answers. I think you can be right in assuming that the wrap is undone or at the very least, herniated, because he vomits so violently. The endoscopy can confirm that and show whether or not there is any additional damage, but would you want to redo the fundo again? If the answer is YES!, then you press the GI to say okay. He is your son, and only you know how sick he is and what is best for him. What was painful for me to realize is that it could come undone again. Then, I wondered "what would we do?" Realizing that the fundo isn't foolproof has caused me to think it through longer and try other thing longer than I would have originally wanted to. But my daughter isn't vomiting. My purpose in saying this is for you to think through what it is for you and decide according to that. I think the GI's mean well, but as mothers, it is so incredibly difficult to live this day in and day out. They get to go home at the end of the day, and if they are lucky enough to have no one at home refluxing, get to forget about reflux and sleep in the quiet of their own bed all night. I hope I helped, you can email me if you If not, good luck, I hope it works out whatever you decide! Carla
Aug 05, 2004
Hi Dicyclomine is a med typically used for IBS (irritable bowel symdrome). It is supposed to cause the smooth muscles of the GI tract to relax. Perhaps the current GI wants to see if this will help reduce any swelling in the tract and give him more comfort. Also if it effectively does reduce some of the swelling, it will be easier to see the Fundo more clearly if endscopy is done. So it may be that the new GI wants to wait for swelling to go down (as he may have quite a bit from retching, then vomitting and inconsistent diarreah) before checking the wrap to see what needs to come next. Give your GI a call and ask about the med and what would he be observing for if he was to put him in the hospital. Ask him specifically if he is planning endoscopy. Take care, Pam
Aug 12, 2004
Pam D'Sylva
?Dumping syndrome
Hi Christine, I was wondering if your son got any other symptoms and how soon he vomits after eating? My 2 children developed dumping after the fundo. Within minutes of eating they went lathargic, rapid heart rate, pale, sleepy and then they try to vomit - they can't due to the tight fundo. They get severe abdominal pain and bloating and headache and then they get explosive diaorrhoea. This was always worse with milk, and anything with a sugar content in it - especially fluids. It took 10 months before we got a GI doc to confirm it was dumping syndrome. Do any of these symptoms happen with your son? I was wondering if perhaps it could be what is going on. If it is just vomitting and diaorrhea then I am not sure what that would be. If you want to email me my address is Anyway, I now know a lot about dumping. If your sons problem sounds anything like this then I am happy to share any info with you. I hope you get some answers Pam
Aug 13, 2004
He is going to the Hospital on Monday
Thank you all that responded to me on this topic. Jake is going to be admitted on Monday for a gastric empty scan, and an endoscopey with a J-tube placement. The GI is still refusing to do a colonoscopey. I just this does not make the retching, vomiting and dierreah worse. As far as dumping, the GI thought it might be, but than it was not cause he did not get tired blah blah blah, but he does and they have not tested his blood surgar for it ever, so he reallt does not know. Sometime the dierreah can happen up to 30 mins after eating. He will vomit out of no where, and same with the dierreah. I will update when we get home. Anyone from the Boston Area??
Aug 31, 2004
How did you get on?
Just wondering how you got on with your hospital visit for Jake? How is he doing? I hope things are better now. Pam
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