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Aug 23, 2004
Fundo soon - helpful hints from experienced Moms?
One of my GERDlings (26 months old) is having a fundo done as a last resort next week. We have done our research, have tried everything to avoid the surgery, have received five medical opinions and feel secure with our decision to go forward. I've read and read, good stories and bad stories. I am writing in this board because so many parents of advanced GERDlings have lots of experience, especially with the fundo. My dd wil have a button put in and will use the feeding tube if necessary. The surgery will be done laparoscopically. I was told she will be in Children's for 3-4 days. I am looking for helpful hints in preparing for the fundo, things to do, things not to do, things to bring to the hospital, things to get in the house for afterwards, suggestions, anything helpful. Thank you. Susie
Aug 25, 2004
My two cents...
Dear Susie, Good luck with the surgery. My daughter had a nissan a few years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. Pain management: my daughter was in quite a bit of pain the first few days. it was important to commmunicate this to the nurses and stay ahead of the pain. Feeding: my daughter had a great deal of difficulty transitioning to food. while we had a tube, the drs wanted her to eat by mouth. She had a lot of retching and became afraid to eat. We ended up using the tube much more than the drs originally intended. I think it would have been better to start with the tube feeding and added oral feeding as tolerated. Gas bloat. My daughter accumulated a great deal of air in her stomach. It made her feel full and uncomfortable. We used the tube before, during and after meals to vent the air from her stomach. it worked best to have her lie down on her back and open the tube. A gush of air would come out and sometimes stomach contents. watch out! Good luck and tell us how it goes. Jan Burns
Aug 25, 2004
Mom of 3 year old Chelsea with severe GERD, 2 fundos and hernia repairs, chronic GI pain, laryngospasms, RAD, subglottic stenosis, chronic congestion, and food allergies AND 4 month old Gavin with GERD and MSPI
fundo experience
Hi, My daughter had one 7 months ago, at 22 months. While she may have another one in the next month (she herniated it), she didn't have the same recovery experience that Jan's child had. Having said that, I also have to say her expereince is not common! She didn't seem to have any pain at the hospital. In fact, 15 hours after surgery, she was running up and down the hallways playing with the nurses. (Yes it was laproscopic!) When we got home, we just had a lot of tylenol on hand. Motrin tends to upset their stomach more. She didn't have any trouble with food-we reintroduced it slowly, and she always tolerated what we offered her. I would say to have her take very small quantities at 1st, and to take it very slowly, so you can see what she tolerates. We did full fluids for 2 days, pureed foods for 5-6 days, soft foods for 5-6 days, then we did solid foods, but we waited another 2 weeks before doing any kind of meat. She never had a tube and she never wretched. Our biggest problem was gas bloat. It was awful. For 4 weeks, she cried most of the day and night. We had her sleep with us and we put a tv in our room and would leave on her Baby Einstein movies all night. The combination of the 2 really helped take her mind off of the pain sometimes. I would suggest anything that soothes your child or makes him or her feel more relaxed is a great thing at this time. We threw rules out the window. Whatever worked and made it easier, we did it. But don't worry....she doesn't still go to sleep with the tv on...we were able to wean her off when she was feeling better! We also used milk of magnesia to get things moving, and we used suppositories when necessary. It helped bring out the gas. Mylicon did nothing for her. We gave her tylenol and benadryl to help her sleep at night. They don't get addicted to Benadryl, it worked pretty good to get us through the hump. It lasted for four weeks, then she burped and the gas bloat issues were gone. She had some great months after that with no reflux. I only wishes it would have lasted longer!!!!! I would say that when you are caring for your child after- go with your gut. Do what you think he or she needs and don't worry about what the reprocussions of that may be later. You can work on that later. My friend told me to do whatever you can to make this easier.....even if it means allowing her to go to sleep in our bed with the tv on all night!!!!! Good luck, I hope you ahe a good experience wih it, and please let us know!!!! Carla:
Sep 09, 2004
Tera, ca.
what is fundo?
Aug 25, 2004
Thank you
Thank you both very much, I appreciate the advice!
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