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Aug 30, 2004
J-tube surgery question
I was wondering if anyone had any advice and what to expect with the j-tube surgery? The surgeon told me it was a little more complicated than a g-tube surgery. Has anyone experciecd this with there child? Mine is 3 1/2 years old Thanks
Aug 31, 2004
how is Jake
I am sorry I have no advice on the J tube surgery as I have not been thru this with my children. But I was wondering how you got on with your hospital visit with Jake, where they were going to do a gastric emptying scan. I am asuming you are the 'Christine' who wrote earlier about your boy Jake who had a fundo and was having problems with diarrhoea and vomitting. I hope things are getting better. Sorry if I have mixed you up. I hope you get answers. Pam
Sep 16, 2004
Alex in Boca
J-Tube Surgery
Hi Christine, I hope I am not too has been almost a month since your initial posting. My daughter had a j-tube placed when she was 11-months. She did the fundo/g-tube surgery at 7 months of age. She had such a terrible time with wretching and vomiting (she eventually undid her fundo) that we had no choice but to do the j-tube. I was very scared when I first saw it post-op. It was a long tube, versus the nice/discreet mic-key button we previously had. The trickiest thing about the j-tube is you cannot bolus feed with it. So with a baby, she needed to be back on continuous feeds (which was a major step backwards for us). In addition, because you are feeding directly into the intestine, you cannot use just any formula. We played around a lot with the formula, and finally found our the answer to our prayers with something called Peptinex DT. It is designed specifically for j-tube feedings. She was 15 pounds for the period February through May. Now, she was 23 pounds. This formula has really worked for us and has FINALLY allowed her to gain the weight she needs. If you would like more info on our experiences, please do not hesitate to email at
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