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Sep 01, 2004
Dottie D in Northern NJ
regarding GERD siblings and prevacid doses
I have to DDs on Prevacid, Natalia (4yrs) & Isabella (2 yrs). Ironically, Isabella was diagnosed first & when she was only a few weeks old. She was screaming/crying for about 18 hrs/day, not gaining weight & then developed a wheeze. After the pediatrician tried unsuccessfully to treat just the wheeze, I convinced him to give a referral to Ped GI. She responded beautifully to prevacid and RARELY wheezes anymore. The Ped GI started her at 15mg/day & increased it to 22.5 mg/day when she responded but not as well as we hoped. She has remained on this dose. Natalia did not get treated until she was over 2 & I truly believed she had reflux from birth on, but could not get a pediatrician anywhere to agree (we went through 3 practices & a pulmonologist after she was diagnosed with noctural asthma!) It was only after she went through a year on the maximum of every asthma/allergy medication they could without success & Isabella was diagnosed that they believed us. After 10 days on Prevacid, she no longer needed the asthma meds! They both use the same Pulmonologist (who agrees they need to continue gerd treatment) and the same Ped GI. Anyway, that's the background. Up until now, I have really liked their Ped GI, but have spent the last 3-4 follow-up visits with her trying to take them off the prevacid. We cooperated with her 3 times & each time we reduced their dose, the symptoms have returned. She's convinced that they have "outgrown" it by now. I'm concerned that she is merely looking at statistics and not considering the actual patient. If Natalia still needed treatment at 2 and continues to this day to need it, why should she doubt that her younger sibling needs it still also??!!! I actually think they may need an INCREASE in their doses as they have both been complaining of "tummy" aches (Isabella points to her chest...REFLUX) & needing TUMS several times a week. So, basically, I'm looking to see if anyone here has had a similar experience. How have you handled it? We don't have many PEd Gi's available to switch to... Also, what doses are using for your gerdlings? Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks, Dottie
Sep 02, 2004
Mom of 3 year old Chelsea with severe GERD, 2 fundos and hernia repairs, chronic GI pain, laryngospasms, RAD, subglottic stenosis, chronic congestion, and food allergies AND 4 month old Gavin with GERD and MSPI
siblings and prevacid
I only have one child, but this happened to my friend. They did the ph study to confirm whether the children needed it still or not. Have your children ever been tested with an upper GI, an endoscopy, or a ph study? Even though you know they still need it, it can prove to the GI that its necesary and also rule out other problems (or confirm them-which also proves the need!) such as esophagitis, ulcers, and hiatal hernias. You could make a deal with the GI: tell her your not willing to take them off for a few weeks to see what happenes, because it takes another few weeks to have it become effective again. It's too dangerous to allow them to wheeze especially when you know what treats it (prevacid). If she's not comfortable leaving them on it without proof that they still need it, tell her to order a ph study. You may even be able to get the pulminologist involved in what a drastic change has been made while on the prevacid. Good luck! Carla
Sep 05, 2004
Re: previcid dose
My son BRaden is 5 1/2 years old. He weighs 36 lbs and is on 60 mg of previcid a day. Elizabeth
Sep 11, 2004
happened to me too!!
Dottie, This happened to me too. The doctors 3 GI specialists to be exact told me that Justin should not be needing the Prevacid. I wanted to go up on the dose and they absolutely refused. All I can tell you is that I just started a product called Caracream. You can find the like Chocobase from the links on this site. Your prevacid dose may be appropriate, but the Prevacid is not working to even a fraction of its potential. Here is what I've learned. The body produces cells called parietal cells that create the hydrochloric acid. These cells are stimulated to produce when we eat. New parietal cells are being made all the time. When Prevacid enters the system it can only attach itself to the cells that are active and creating the acid. All the other cells are left alone. When Prevacid attaches, it shuts down the pump and the body recognizes the parietal cell as ineffective and the body discards it. Unfortunately all the other cells that are not turned on are left behind and as often and we put things into our mouths are obviously turned on pretty quickly and make more acid. Caracream which is just an agent used to make the medicine taste good so you can get the child to swallow it, turns all the pumps on in the stomach thereby turning them all off and truly giving acid relief to its patient. Since digestion does not occur in the stomach but in the intestine, this is not really an issue of low pH. The stomach is just a holding tank (therefore gastric bypass patients are not in jeopardy). Children metabolize medication much faster than adults do. This is also recognized by the way that they eat 1000 times a day. They metabolize food much faster too. The studies on the Caracream site show that because most of the Prevacid and Prilosec coumpounds are extended release pellets even in the solutions, that much of the medicine is never digested by the child, therefore even less ends up in the blood stream to turn off the pumps. Let me know what you think about this. By just adding caracream to your current prevacid regimine, you may experience what I have with my son, Complete relief of indigestion. By, the way, Caracream is FDA approved and a company in California is coming out with a combined product of caracream and prevacid and it is scheduled to hit the shelves in January. If you want, email me at Amie Brock Justin is 16 months and since caracream is sleeping through the night for the first time in his life.
Sep 12, 2004
My daughters' dose
My 5 year old (33 pounds) takes 30 mg total of prevacid a day. My 26 month old (24 pounds), who had a fundo done 12 days ago, before the surgery, took 60 mg. of prevacid a day.
Sep 15, 2004
Mom of 3 year old Chelsea with severe GERD, 2 fundos and hernia repairs, chronic GI pain, laryngospasms, RAD, subglottic stenosis, chronic congestion, and food allergies AND 4 month old Gavin with GERD and MSPI
60 mg???
60 mg sounds like so much!!! Did your child have any side effects? You mentioned that your child just had a fundo, did it seem effective at all before the fundo? My daughter normally takes 15 mgs, and we decided to increase it to 30. It gave her bad tummy aches and I think headaches. All we knew is that she started screaming all the time until we took her back to 15.
Sep 16, 2004
60mg of Prevacid
Justin is currently on 54mg of prevacid per day. He takes 18mg 3x. This is considered multiple dosing and is becoming the trend among GI. They have found that children not only tolerate, but need doses equivalent to adults. Children also metabolize meds much faster than adults. (hence they metabolize food too, we feed them all day long). Prevacid is only in a child's bloodstream for 1 1/2 hours whereas in an adult 4 1/2 hours. I wouldn't be concerned about the 60mg a day. If you have any concerns about the dose, check out . There is a link for it from this site. The University of Missouri, and their affiliate hospital, University Hospital are the leaders in research in GERD. Good Luck Amie Brock
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