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Mar 18, 2005
Pyloric Spam and GER in preemie?
Hi all, My son was born prematurely and starting around 4 months old (1 month adjusted) he began having reflux. It got worse and worse, you all know how it goes. He has been on zantac, prilosec, and now prevacid. Nothing has worked well. So, we had an Upper GI done, which showed a narrowing at his pylorus (the muscle between the stomach and small intestine). They think that is why he's spitting up and now recently throwing up his food. He's 11 months old. I'm so worried about eating aversion. He already throws a fit when we try to get him to eat. They thought it might be pyloric stenosis, but have just decided to call it "pyloric spasm" because some days are better than others. Many docs at Mayo have reviewed it too and are stumped. Any ideas on what this sounds like? Suggestions on how to get him to eat his baby food better? He gags easily, which results in him throwing up until his tummy is empty. Thanks in advance, Carrie
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