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May 05, 2005
Nissen Fundoplication
Hi! My name is Diane and I just found out about this site from my daughter's Speech Therapist. My baby is nearly 10 months old (she was born at 28 weeks gestation) and is scheduled for a Nissen Fundoplication with a Gastric tube insertion....anyone been thru this? We are terrified for her, but also terrified of her aspirating on her reflux and us not getting to her in time to keep her from choking. Scary decisions... Thanks, Diane
May 20, 2005
Hi! I have a 14 month old daughter who had a Nissen Fundoplication with g-tube when she was three months old. It was a hard disicion for us but after two months in the hospital recovering form heart sergery we just wanted to be able to take her home. The nissen worked very well for us for a while. She began to eat normally and sleep good at night, but after five months the nissen lossened and she started refluxing again. We were told that the nissen would last longer that this. The surgery for us took about five hours and ten days for recovery. My daughter had a swollow study and upper gi study. They showed thaty she had reflux but was able to protect her airway. we are still dealing with the reflux and I am seeking out more natural solutions. Reseach has helped me a lot. you are your daughter's best advocit. Discuss every possibility with your doctor. minnesota
May 20, 2005
Jan Gambino Burns
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surgery response
Dear Diane, My daughter had the Nissen a few years ago. My daughter was aspirating too. It did help the breathing and aspiration issues tremendously. My daughter was slow to recover and learn to eat again. It can take a while for digestion and eating to settle down. The g tube requires a bit of learning. I would be happy to talk with you about the details. Jan from PAGER assn 301-601-9541 PS you may also want to order the PAGER publication on surgery
Jun 04, 2005
Hi, my daughter who is 12 months old had this surgery at 6 wks old. She is now 100% g-tube fed because she has food aversion. She will "taste" food but has a chance of aspirating. She also has a tracheostomy because she has tracheamalacia. Does your daughter have GERD? My daughter had is severely and also had stridor severely. She is doing OK now, hopefully will be getting her trach removed permanently within 1 year. The g-tube is called a mickey button and has to be changed every 6 months or so, which I do myself, also it has came out a couple of times unexpectedly, which was scary. The surgeon who was really good made a 2 in incision right below the g-tube and a couple of days later we put a mickey button in. any questions you have just email me, I can probably answer any questions for you. I feel very comfortable taking care of the gtube and the trach. I know it is scary when your own child had these problems but the fundo helped so much. I hope your daughter does OK, when is her surgery scheduled for? What is your daughter's name so I can say a prayer for her? Staleena
Jul 03, 2005
My son will be going through the same thing. He has aspiration pnemonia and has had many severe respiratory infections in the past. This surgery will be a lot better. Thanks!
May 18, 2006
Liz Lyons
I totally understand
My daughter had the nissen doen May of 2005 before her first b-day. I do have to say that If I could do it again I would have doen more research. My daughter has had reflux her whole life and she is a twin born at 27 weeks at 1lb 7 oz. When we said yes to this surgery we spent 5 days in the hospital and since then she has not been the same child. Very stiff not eating by mouth still and not gaining weight. Now the nissen is loose and they want to re do this. Taylor is now scheduled for a second opinion. Her nissen is causing her so much pain. I have also spoken to mothers that are going through the same thing we are but there are others that have never had a problem. Let me know how this go. I understand. I think I will have to schedule this again very soon. It is the hardest but you put your childs health in the hand of well educated specialists.
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