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Jun 15, 2005
Anyone have any luck getting neocate covered through there insurance company?, we spefically have Aenta of texas. This is so expensive and we cant keep paying for it at this rate much longer. Anyone know of any assistence programs to help pay for neocate??
Jul 03, 2005
Medicaid!!! If not try the WIC store. They usually carry it the cheapest. It costs $35 at a WIC store on Sam Houston st in Pharr, Texas
Aug 17, 2005
Our insurance paid for this. We have Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Our GI doc had to write up a special request to get it authorized, though. Have you tried this? If it's a medically necessary prescription, I don't see why the insurance wouldn't cover it if you have prescription benefits.
Sep 20, 2005
Mom to 1 boy with reflux
Preston 10/7/04
We are in Texas and have Aetna HMO and they are paying for it at 100% I hope you get it covered
Apr 19, 2006
Not us...
We had both Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NC as well as United Healthcare during our daughter's reflux. Neither would cover Neocate for us...even with the GI specialist's advanced request. We have terrific Rx benefits as my husband works at a large drug company...but no luck on the Neocate - said it was a food product, not a prescription drug product. Between Neocate and Alimentum, we figure that we spent about $3K on formula the first year. I really hope things have changed and you can get help. It's a medical necessity for our kids!
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