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Jul 22, 2005
When does it stop??????
My son Jacob is 3 1/2 with many medical issues, HIE,CP,CVI,Seizures and what we thought was MILD reflux. I still wait by the phone to make sure he got to school with out throwing up on the bus, or at school. If he coughs really hard or when he gags we just know everything is coming right back at us. Don't get me wrong he has gotten ALOT better, he used to throw up 3-4 times a day. But of all of his issues this has been the last thorn in our side!! Any help or suggestions. His school seems to think that this is excecssive I tell them they should have been around 6 mos- 1 year ago and I'll show you excessive. Thanks for any suggestions!! Nicole
Jul 22, 2005
In some children especially those with other medical issues, GER is chronic. With his CP his LES may never function completely although as he grows and possibly gains muscle strength his GER may further improve. Positioning after meals and avoiding activities may help as may the timing of his feeding (giving him smaller, more frequent meals) What has your GI said about his GER ? Has fundoplication surgery ever been recommended ? Has he had any recent testing to measure the severity of his GER, look for any structural problems and assess his swallowing skills? These may be good questions to ask his GI doctor.
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