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8/12/2009just, no reason...48/14/2009 4:23emibug
8/11/2009Photos that a reflux mom would appreciate28/11/2009 10:45jenrackley
8/11/2009Trying Prevacid again, or Prilosec?48/18/2009 10:29johnniesnewmommy
8/10/2009Probiotics and/or Immune System Help48/18/2009 2:59mangogal
8/10/2009Selling Comfy Lift reflux bed28/14/2009 12:09momtochubmuffin
8/8/2009sleep deprivation and teething getting to me138/11/2009 11:01vigilantmom
8/7/2009Called GI on 7/28 and still waiting callback88/8/2009 9:10refluxqueen
8/6/2009Marci-Kids18/7/2009 10:43emibug
8/6/2009Z's testing58/7/2009 10:08jgbennett
8/5/2009GERD and Ear Infections?138/6/2009 8:33jenrackley
8/4/2009How are Kody and Holden doing?38/4/2009 10:48vigilantmom
8/3/2009Tummy time w/reflux88/6/2009 7:08michelle&aurora
8/3/2009hiker sling to help keep upright?38/4/2009 1:58susiegal
8/3/2009Advice with 7yr old please!!108/11/2009 12:03vigilantmom
8/2/2009vader syndrome or V.A.C.T.E.R.L28/2/2009 5:10maggiemom
8/2/2009B-Girl!18/6/2009 3:16b-girl
8/2/2009reflux worse, am i missing anything?78/3/2009 10:08emibug
8/1/2009another med similar to Ranitidine?48/1/2009 11:32jillsey15
7/31/2009MSPI and Immunization Shots78/14/2009 10:12johnniesnewmommy
7/31/2009PAGER on Spanish radio today0
7/30/2009Thanks for advice on reflux toddler!48/5/2009 12:41mangogal
7/30/2009update with Kody67/31/2009 8:25mommato3
7/30/2009Feeding Therapists - McKinney, Allen, Plano, Dallas, TX28/2/2009 2:463blues21pink
7/30/2009Spanish Speaking Reflux Moms? HELP.0
7/30/2009Back with news question on feeding28/3/2009 11:05vigilantmom
7/30/2009Increase Prevacid?37/30/2009 1:04mommato3
7/30/2009Baby formula without citrates17/30/2009 2:50jenrackley
7/29/2009Update On Jedd's Y behavior17/30/2009 11:42zack'smom
7/29/2009FAILURE AT WEENING37/29/2009 11:28jeddsmommy
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