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8/27/2009liquid intake: need input218/31/2009 10:00vigilantmom
8/27/2009Periactin update28/30/2009 5:13shan
8/26/2009New here 3 month old with GERD, Apnea, Microcephaly38/27/2009 8:49jeddsmommy
8/26/2009Asking for prayers - OT48/27/2009 11:49slimfast13
8/26/2009First timer :)108/28/2009 10:38jeddsmommy
8/26/2009Elecare / Formula Advice48/27/2009 11:08zack'smom
8/26/2009Be on The Doctors Show139/2/2009 11:49zack'smom
8/26/2009Mommy2K48/27/2009 10:14mommy2k
8/25/2009Help Needed for a Friend28/27/2009 11:00vigilantmom
8/25/2009Questions for 1st GI appointment28/26/2009 10:16emibug
8/24/2009Daughter not responding to meds78/25/2009 9:07jeddsmommy
8/23/2009EleCare formula0
8/22/2009HELP FOR MY CHILD IN PAIN!!68/24/2009 9:17vanesa
8/22/2009Upper GI test prep for toddler28/22/2009 11:57emibug
8/20/2009Reflux or Allergies or Asthma78/26/2009 9:41jordana
8/20/2009Off topic58/21/2009 8:15mommato3
8/19/2009neocate and gas68/22/2009 9:32mommy2k
8/18/2009Worried- Johnnie Update88/20/2009 11:03blueleopard
8/18/2009PH Probe68/19/2009 1:20jeddsmommy
8/18/2009Countertop Donation boxes for PAGER??0
8/18/2009Pushed for a diagnosis? 0
8/17/2009Periactin18/18/2009 11:11zack'smom
8/17/2009Pulmicort28/19/2009 11:47susiegal
8/17/2009Buffer Babies?18/18/2009 5:21vigilantmom
8/17/2009Coughing and strange grunting noise - dr visit needed?38/19/2009 11:54susiegal
8/16/2009E Bay Formula28/17/2009 11:36zack'smom
8/16/2009stomach drainage88/17/2009 7:04mugwort
8/13/2009Prevacid dosing68/15/2009 10:11mommy2d&h
8/12/2009How is Z doing with out this meds18/13/2009 11:02zack'smom
8/12/2009wanted bed wedge or reflux bed in Atlanta 510/18/2009 6:34jtate519
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