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9/12/2009reflux baby still spits up every couple of feedings39/13/2009 10:03jeddsmommy
9/12/2009Scope on Monday69/15/2009 3:55refluxqueen
9/11/2009Bufferbabies and zantac29/12/2009 8:14b-girl
9/11/2009Story of Life.com covers Beth's story19/11/2009 9:11jenrackley
9/11/2009Still sensitive to reflux triggers even on meds59/13/2009 3:19jenrackley
9/10/2009I'm to blame for my son's reflux.69/11/2009 9:36slimfast13
9/10/2009Prevacid Solutab19/11/2009 9:38slimfast13
9/10/2009Is Neocate available in Mexico?19/10/2009 9:08b-girl
9/10/2009Weening Process?29/16/2009 12:06fiddle1
9/9/2009Seizure like symptoms39/10/2009 9:12caidensmom
9/8/2009Sleeping and GERD59/9/2009 8:26b-girl
9/8/2009YEAST59/9/2009 10:43vigilantmom
9/8/2009Living with a baby who has GERD29/8/2009 9:56jeddsmommy
9/6/2009Emily's EGD39/8/2009 1:47b-girl
9/5/2009Ranitidine questions...39/5/2009 10:00slimfast13
9/4/2009WE MADE IT!!!!29/5/2009 10:19jenrackley
9/4/2009what to ask for from new GI49/8/2009 11:16johnniesnewmommy
9/3/2009PAGER in USA Today Friday Sept 4 200919/4/2009 9:48vigilantmom
9/3/2009Payton and Reflux and Asthma29/5/2009 10:24jenrackley
9/3/2009cricopharyngeal dysfunction19/3/2009 9:55jeddsmommy
9/2/2009Meat??? Smoke???89/5/2009 10:27jenrackley
9/1/2009Our New GI Appointment 39/4/2009 9:32mommato3
9/1/2009GI dilemma69/2/2009 2:35mommy2k
9/1/2009Thickened formula -- how to test flow/viscosity29/2/2009 12:38mommato3
8/31/2009nutrition and recipes79/5/2009 10:34jenrackley
8/31/2009Aspiration Pneumonia38/31/2009 11:21jeddsmommy
8/31/2009Looking for some advice/suggestions.49/1/2009 1:23johnniesnewmommy
8/30/2009Selling our Amby bed19/5/2009 1:47b-girl
8/28/2009Ryan Update58/31/2009 10:06vigilantmom
8/27/2009Finally seeing a new GI28/30/2009 4:21b-girl
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