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12/31/2011 Help...trying to wean PPI91/8/2012 1:12mangogal
12/30/2011Baby on Prevacid. What food should I start with?101/26/2012 11:47seb's mom
12/29/2011Endoscopy & ph probe112/30/2011 11:41lorenzomama
12/28/2011Low to none weight gain111/13/2012 7:06preciousmonkey
12/20/2011Waking baby to eat???41/4/2012 8:43alink
12/20/2011Baby not gaining weight0
12/18/2011Vigilantmom - question about miralax812/22/2011 6:49kavyamom
12/18/2011Concerned about long term use of Miralax112/23/2011 10:48jeddsmommy
12/17/2011Vomitting and Neocate?51/9/2012 11:33sebastian
12/16/2011Milk protein intollerance and avoiding which foods?312/17/2011 11:28mangogal
12/14/2011DCD - Great to hear that you are off Neocate now!312/16/2011 3:20kavyamom
12/14/2011Anyone have extra Neocate Infant?612/29/2011 9:59dcd
12/11/2011I need a reality check mums pleeeezz!!!191/4/2012 11:06baileys mama
12/9/2011Those who give PPI in the evening. What is your schedule please?512/16/2011 12:59kavyamom
12/9/2011Anyone doing PPI in the morn and zantac at night?512/12/2011 1:01mangogal
12/8/201111 WEEK OLD NOT EATING212/11/2011 6:10mangogal
12/4/2011I guess, for us, this is good news....112/6/2011 1:11mangogal
12/3/2011Reflux got worse once starting Prilosec???612/30/2011 10:56sebastian
12/3/2011need clarification from other mms on sleep problems with reflux?412/11/2011 11:39baileys mama
11/29/20117 months still regurgitating is she under control 412/4/2011 10:05lara
11/28/2011Neocate for sale!!0
11/27/20114 month old that is suspected to have acid reflux...312/6/2011 1:19lorenzomama
11/22/2011Preemie with GERD, projectile vomiting and desperate for answers311/28/2011 5:22mangogal
11/21/2011Reflux, Virus, Nexium, and Zantac312/6/2011 10:58skohanek
11/20/2011Domperidone with Omeprazole0
11/13/2011Teething causes symptoms to be worse?111/14/2011 12:28lorenzomama
11/13/2011Resq wedge for sale312/13/2011 11:24jules007
11/11/2011How is your insurance coverage for Zegerid powder?311/12/2011 10:06jeddsmommy
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